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Let’s Go Undercover: This New Hair Trend Is Just What We Need In 2020

Let’s Go Undercover: This New Hair Trend Is Just What We Need In 2020

While 2020 has been the ‘year of skin’, there’s no denying that we were blessed with plenty of hair trends as well. From DIY haircuts during quarantine to bringing fringes back in fashion to the never-ending hair colour trends — the list is endless.

Now there’s a new hair trend taking over our social feed and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! We’re talking about the ‘Undercover hair colour’. This new hair trend is all over social media and it’s just what we need to make the end of 2020 a bit more bearable.  This mood-boosting hair colour is all about keeping your natural tones on the top while adding a pop of colour underneath. And while it may seem ideal for straight hair, there’s no reason why those with other hair types can’t get on board with this new hair trend.

If you want to experiment with your hair and give it a much-needed, eye-catching makeover, then this is what you need to try. And lucky for you, Instagram once again, has given us endless options to choose from. From a bright solid colour to adding all the hues of the rainbow, there is something for everyone. Keep on scrolling to know more.

Note: To get that pop of colour, you will need to add a little bleach to your strands, but since it’s limited to just the section underneath, you needn’t worry about too much hair damage.

Simple & Chic

If you aren’t looking for anything too dramatic, then a simple ash blonde colour underneath your black strands will work perfectly as it helps you embrace the trend without drawing too much attention.

Embrace The Rainbow


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For those who are looking for something that’s much edgier, then this underlying hair colour is perfect. Plus, since it’s an underneath hair colour, you needn’t worry about getting kicked out of the workplace. 

Purple Reign

Seems like purple hair is in and for good reason. Purple hair colour looks gorgeous on all skin tones but if you’re not ready to fully commit to colouring your entire hair to this regal hue, the undercover hair trend is your next best option. 

Burst Of Fuschia

Take your love for pink to a whole new level with a Fuschia colour. This hair colour is stylish, eye-catching, daring and makes you look like a trend-setter. 

Mermaid Hues

A blue and teal shade underneath looks gorgeous and totally Insta-worthy. This two-toned colour works best under black hair and complements any skin tone.

No matter which undercover hair colour you go for, keep in mind that since you’ll be using bleach to make the colours pop, it’s important to use nourishing and strengthening hair products suited for coloured hair if you want the colour to last longer.

19 Oct 2020

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