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The Audience Remembers! Here’s Why Umar Riaz’s Eviction Will Remain A Black Day In The Bigg Boss History

Just like every other Weekend Ka Vaar this season, the latest Saturday and Sunday episodes of Bigg Boss 15 reeked of propaganda. During the Saturday episode, host Salman Khan rambled non-stop on a topic that easily gave away his intention to demean Karan Kundrra and by extension, Umar Riaz. Then in the Sunday episode, we saw a group of panellists support their favourites and it wasn’t surprising that they came with really strong opinions against the doctor. In fact, even when Divya Agarwal tried to speak in Umar’s favour, Salman was quick to interrupt her and ask if she was okay with the aggression that he showed with Pratik Sehajpal in the past week. All in all, it wasn’t difficult to tell that all of this was a build-up for something we were already anticipating–Umar’s unceremonious eviction from the show. 

So here’s the thing–while we definitely don’t condone violence in the Bigg Boss house or anywhere else for that matter, Umar’s elimination appears biased to us in so many ways. The eviction sits heavy on our hearts and we think it is sure to change the way a lot of people have watched and responded to Bigg Boss all this while. Here’s why last night’s episode will always remain a dark chapter in Bigg Boss’s history:

People Who Should Have Been Evicted Before Umar 

Remember when Karan Kundrra literally choke slammed Pratik? Forget eviction or penalisation, the actor did not even get a proper scolding from Salman for the act. In fact, he even did it for a second time and kicked Pratik in the nuts. But guess what? He continued to live in the Bigg Boss house. Oh, and we can’t afford to forget how Simba Nagpal came violently charging at Umar and threw him in the swimming pool during a task. 

Our question is simple–if these two weren’t evicted for doing way more than what Umar did, why was he ousted from the show for just pinning Pratik down during a task? 

Was He Really The Biggest ‘Threat’ In The BB 15 House?

While setting up Umar for an impending eviction during the Sunday episode, Salman insinuated that his aggression is scaring other housemates and he is more of a threat at this point. We’d call it convenient on both Salman and makers’ part. Everyone forgot about Abhijit Bichukale at this point who has constantly been excused all this while. Just last week, we saw how he aggressively pounced on Devoleena Bhattacharjee during a fight and would have actually hit her had others (including Umar) not stopped him at the right time. All of this and yet, Salman thought that Umar was the biggest threat in the house. Okay then.

Targetting A Doctor’s Profession Just To Push A Narrative

The COVID-19 third wave is officially here and it is our healthcare workers who deserve the utmost respect and accolades. However, this seems to escape Bigg Boss makers, Salman Khan, and some of their guests like Geeta Kapur. A lot of demeaning things has been said about Umar’s profession in the BB house but Geeta really took the cake last night with her problematic remarks. “Having seen your aggression, I will not feel safe to get treated by you as a doctor,” was what she had to say to Umar during the panel discussion last night. Enraged by the personal remark, Divya was quick to come in Umar’s support. However, Geeta was in no mood to listen and further added, “He just generally has aggression. He is aggressive by nature. It is his inherent nature we are talking about.”

Well, we think it is really distasteful for anyone who thinks it’s alright to talk about Umar’s prowess as a professional especially after he has served his duty as a frontline worker through two waves of the pandemic.

Making A Joke Out Of The Viewers 

When the rumours of Umar’s eviction first started doing rounds a couple of days ago, everyone was left surprised given that the viewers were ‘involved’ in this decision making. The trends suggested that Umar had a very strong follower base. However, last night Salman declared that the fans had voted against the call of keeping Umar in the house. 

We feel like something fishy! The viewers know that hardly any genuine vote-outs have happened this season and most of the contestants left the house after manipulated tasks. After all this, we find it hard to believe that the so-called ‘janta ka verdict’ wasn’t tampered with in last night’s episode.

Tainted Forever: Who Is The Real Winner?


After hearing about the rumours of Umar’s eviction last week, Karanvir Bohra took to Twitter and wrote, “Ok, I did notice one more thing. Even though @kkundrra is a dear friend,but in my poll it was clearly evident that the competition was between @realumarriaz & @itsmetejasswi & #UmarRiaz was leading just 3hrs before my poll ended, and then something happened.” 

High chances that Umar would have made it to the top five had he not been evicted last night. If you think about it, this has forever tainted the show and the winner of BB 15. Because no matter who wins now, we’d always wonder if Umar would have taken the trophy had he not been evicted so unfairly.

Lastly, we’d like to reiterate that violence or aggression is not alright but the same rules should apply to everyone. Why was Karan not evicted when he attacked Pratik? Why was Simba not evicted when he pushed Umar? Why was Abhijit not evicted when he pounced at Devoleena like a wild animal? Why was Shamita not evicted when she aggressively pushed Rakhi? The audience will remember, the audience will keep asking.

Featured Image: Twitter

10 Jan 2022

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