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What Is This Behaviour? The Latest Bigg Boss 15 Promo Is Proof That Karan Kundrra Is A Horrible Boyfriend

Anyone who has followed Karan Kundrra’s journey in the past few years knows that while he might be a gifted artist, he seldom scores well in the boyfriend department. In fact, Anusha Dandekar has dropped many hints about the actor’s flaky behaviour and the possibility of him cheating on her since their breakup last year. However, the Bigg Boss 15 audience have been witnessing a different side of Karan where he appears to be caring, kind, and pretty loyal. However, here’s the thing—we can’t totally ignore the fact that Karan, at the end of the day, is a great actor and thus what we have been seeing can very well be a facade. In fact, we think that’s exactly the case and if anyone observes carefully, they would be able to see the red flags. Rest assured, he is a horrible boyfriend and has been consistently proving the same with his actions and behaviour of late.

For a couple of weeks now, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan have been getting into a lot of fights and while the actress might be able to forgive him after each one of them, we aren’t quite okay with the way he has been treating her. Take, for instance, the latest Bigg Boss promo where Karan can be seen openly misbehaving with her in front of everyone and making some really hurtful comments. In the trailer, we can also hear Karan’s aggressive tone with Tejasswi which is as disrespectful as the words coming out of his mouth. “Shut the fuck up man. Jo tu harkatein karti phirti hai na poori duniya dekh rahi hai. Shakal dekhi hai apni?” he can be heard saying and we are disappointed. But more than that we are angry that Tejasswi has to endure all this simply for doing things that Karan himself very easily gets away with.

“Who talks to their girlfriend like that,” the actress can be heard asking at the end of the promo and well, we have the same question to ask. Imagine, if this is his tone with his girlfriend on national TV, how bad can it actually go with literally no cameras around and no one to judge this very obviously image-conscious person. The worst thing is that Karan only needs a little bit of nudge or provocation from Teja’s competitors in the show to doubt her and start a fight. The actress, on the contrary, has always supported Karan behind his back which says a lot about where both of them stand in this relationship.

Just two days ago, Rakhi Sawant conveniently twisted a conversation to insinuate that Tejasswi has a boyfriend outside the Bigg Boss house. Not surprisingly, Karan did not even think twice before believing her lies and actually confronting the actress about her boyfriend situation. Then again, he has displayed a similar pattern in the past with Umar Riaz, Rashami Desai, and Shamita Shetty constantly feeding him against Tejasswi.


Moreover, we have also observed that Karan rarely hesitates before making sweeping judgements on Tejasswi behind her back and calling her words like “shaani” while she can be always seen defending him in his absence. Quite clearly, he is not coming across as the ideal partner and is easily one of the worst boyfriends in the reality show’s history to date. Here’s hoping that Tejasswi realises this soon enough and does what’s right for her.

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04 Jan 2022

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