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Devoleena Bhattacharjee & Abhijit Bichukale’s Ugly Fight Has Us Saying ‘Yeh Nahi Sudharenge!’

Whoever came up with the ‘Jungle’ theme for Bigg Boss 15 must be feeling particularly proud right now. The house after all looks like a legit jungle currently with housemates pouncing on each other like wild animals, abusing, and not shying away from even spitting now. They are out of control and clearly, no amount of warnings from Mr Bigg seem to be working anymore. Ironically, all of this is happening after the jungle theme does not hold any relevance anymore. But then again all this randomness and problematic behaviour is right on brand with Bigg Boss 15. However, today we are talking about a very specific incidence—Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Abhijit Bichukale’s latest fight. Since their entry into the Bigg Boss house, Devoleena and Abhijit have been involved in a lot of fights. Truth be told, we weren’t really expecting anything else from them anyway. Though what astonishes us is the fact that these two manage to unlock a new level of problematic behaviour with every fight. The recent Bigg Boss episode in proof enough.

Last night, it all started with the Ticket To Finale task where Pratik Sehajpal, Abhijit Bichukale, and Shamita Shetty had to sit in the garden area with no expressions on their face while the other contestants tried to distract them. Their housemates were given the liberty to try and torture them verbally without harming the participants to get a reaction out of them. Of course, Abhijit could not survive long in the task and was the first one to be out. Exasperated by the defeat, he then launched a verbal attack on Pratik and ended up saying some really problematic things. He did not even refrain from making comments on his parents and saying, ‘Pratik agar tu ek baap ki aulad hai na mujhe haath lagake dikha‘. Through it all, Devoleena constantly kept warning Abhijit but did not exactly call him out because she was supporting Pratik and didn’t want him to give a reaction.


However, after the task, she went to Abhijit and confronted him by saying “task ke bahane kya gandagi faila raha tha?” No brownie points for guessing that the latter immediately went in the defence mode, he then tried gaslighting the actress, and acted like she was accusing him of something that he had not done. This angered Devoleena and she ended up hurling swear words at him. Equally enraged, Abhijit then asked why was she interfering in his fight with Pratik and even called her “beech ki bandari.” This made the situation even worse and pretty soon they were all set to attack each other and would have literally gotten into a physical fight had the rest of the housemates not interfered. At one point, Abhijit even tried attacking Devoleena with a bottle in his hand while she kept referring to him as “gandagi.”

Here, take a look:

Guess we speak for everyone when we say that it would be really hard to watch Bigg Boss for a good couple of days after everything that transpired last night because it was just too problematic and triggering. Who even wants to watch this filth and something so disturbing in the name of entertainment anymore?

But more importantly, why can’t the makers throw out contestants who are capable of harming others and have even attempted to do so? They have done it in the past. Why not now?

Featured Image: Instagram

04 Jan 2022

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