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‘Ultimate Single Girl’ Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Reality Show Will Help People Find Love

‘Ultimate Single Girl’ Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Reality Show Will Help People Find Love

Just like Friends, Sex and The City is that one show that I can watch anytime, anywhere. In fact, on some days when I am gloomy, SATC actually lifts my spirits up. When I was a single girl myself, l used to take inspiration from all of Carrie Bradshaw’s moves. Well, why wouldn’t I? She was touted as the ‘Ultimate Single Girl’ of the 90s. In fact, after her ‘Big’ ending, she was still a big inspiration to all the single girls. She loved, lost and loved again and just like her fairytale, every girl hoped to have one of her own. 

But when Carrie, AKA Sarah Jessica Parker, got married to ‘Big’ she stopped writing about finding love and wrote a book about what happens when you finally find it. And according to The New Yorker, it wasn’t her best decision. However, towards the end of the second movie, she proves them wrong by reuniting with the love of her life and her husband after an ordeal of Abu Dhabi Doo! 

Gah! Don’t read too much into it, all this comes from a SATC fanatic. So, when Carrie took a different path in reel life, things worked out for her. Now, she’s helping others find love with her new reality dating series, Swip Swap. 

According to a popular daily, Sarah Jessica Parker will executive produce Swip Swap through her company, Pretty Matches Production. This reality TV series will involve two single people who will trade lives with each other. They will move into each other’s homes and will go through each other’s daily routines. All this will be in the hope of igniting a romantic spark. Whether or not they find love is something that will make this series worth watching. Sounds familiar to you? It sure does to me!

She recently executive produced a hit drama series called Divorce for HBO where she played a Manhattan girl who divorces her clueless husband. See what I mean when I say that she is the perfect Single Gal? I believe that SJP has the touch of Midas, especially in the dating world, but we are yet to see if Swip Swap will be a popular reality TV series. We’re ready for this, are you?

03 Jul 2020

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