Don't Get Carrie-d Away From Your Budget! We Found 'Sex And The City' Outfits *Under Rs 1,600*!

Don't Get Carrie-d Away From Your Budget! We Found 'Sex And The City' Outfits *Under Rs 1,600*!

It’s been almost 9 years since we said goodbye to the most iconic on-screen girl gang - Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte from Sex And The City. Yes, it’s been practically a decade but the after-effect of the entire HBO Original series, especially the costume wardrobe, has been, to say the least, long-lasting. More than the charming bad boy Mr Big, it is the unforgettable costume changes we don’t want and will never be able to rid our minds of.

Even though Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte have distinctly different personal styles, IRL, every girl has a little bit of each of these SATC women in her, amirite? One day I’m a edgy and experimental like Carrie, the other I’m feeling flirty and feminine like Charlotte. This is something all women go through. You can’t deny it. And you can’t deny you’d die to trade wardrobes with these Sex And The City ladies either.

Achieving everyday SATC style is NOT a no-brainer so we get that taking time out of busy summer schedules to put outfits together can be a bit of a pain. So, we decided to play stylist and help you out with this. We found everyday SATC outfits… on a budget. Yes, each of these looks will set you back only Rs. 1,600 or less. Psyched? You should be. Knock yourselves out:

1. Carrie

1 Carrie sex and the city outfit under 1600

We all love Carrie’s sundresses and tulle skirts in SATC. However, it is her everyday casuals that we’d like to pick out of her closet. This look reminded us it’s okay to have your black bra peeking out from under your cami tops as long as it is a gorgeous black lacey one. Carrie 1, fashion rules 0. Pair up this cool white cami top with knee length jeans (if you wear ‘em like Carrie they’re cool - period) and a shiny pink headband. Add your best black black and pumps for props. Voila! Carrie 2.0 for under Rs. 1,600.

Get Carrie’s Look: Top (Rs 573) and Headband (Rs 69) by Romwe, Capris (Rs 844) by Devis

2. Miranda

2 Miranda sex and the city outfit under 1600

Miranda is the girl boss everyone dreams to be. Even her everyday outfits were sophisticated and powerful. Here, Miranda takes dull colours like olive and brown and turns them into greatness. We found you a great alternative to this look. This dress + the belt + the earrings = girl boss vibes. Wear this outfit to a meeting or to a brunch. You’ll impress either way.

Get Miranda’s look: Dress (Rs 834) by Latin Quarters, Belt (Rs 350) by Buckle Up, Earrings (Rs 373) by Oomph

3. Samantha

3 Samantha sex and the city outfit under 1600

Samantha puts the ‘sex’ in Sex And The City, doesn’t she? Her bold personality reflects in her sartorial choices too. It would be a pity if it didn’t.... Samantha was head over heels for colours like hot red and forest green. Colour blocking skills on point, amirite? Recreate her cool blue and red look with these gems we spotted online, all for under Rs. 1,600!

Get Samantha’s look: Top (Rs 759), Skirt (Rs 552) & Belt (Rs 276) by Shein

4. Charlotte

4 Charlotte sex and the city under 1600

When you’re in the mood for ultra-feminine clothing, think Charlotte York Goldenblatt. A closet full of Chanel is ideal but we’ve found you an even better alternative. For under Rs 1,600, you can be classic Charlotte with this white dress, tan bag and evergreen golden bracelets.

Get Charlotte’s look: Dress (Rs 621), Bag (Rs 635) and Bracelet (Rs 283) by Romwe

All this inspo is making me crave a tub of buttery popcorn and a Sex And The City rerun. Tata, my lovelies!