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10 Winter Jackets That Will Keep You Snug & Stylish When The Weather Takes A Dip

Come winter, the need to keep it cosy is all above the rest and of course, there is no denying that we want our selections to match a certain scale of style too. When it comes to a versatile, all-round winter fit that teams seamlessly with most of your wardrobe staples, the first outerwear to come to mind is the jacket. Throw it casually on a pair of jeans and tee; wear with your classic white shirt; team with a dress; work it with your office-going attire or wear it to a party—it is a separate worth adding to the mix. It doesn’t hurt either that the many types of winter jackets make for an endless supply of pairings; all you need is two to three striking finds that you can re-wear and style with multiple fits.

Different Types of Winter Jackets For Women

From the go-to denim to more distinctive embroidered and wool alternatives, we browsed multiple sites for the best types of winter jackets there are, available to be copped right at this moment. All that remains now is for you to choose from the one that appeals to you the most. Take a plunge into the options that were made to impress.

Hemp Jacket

What’s better than a denim jacket, you ask? One which combines hemp in the mix too! Featuring an uber-cool graffiti and embroidered details on the back, this grey hemp denim jacket fits the bill as an ideal winter outerwear. Whether it’s basics you are looking to upgrade or your going-out wardrobe, this one amongst the types of jackets for winter is bound to be a hit!

Dark Denim Jacket

And, of course, for those who like to keep it classic while not stepping back on the style, a denim jacket works brilliantly from the types of winter jackets. Wish to try something other than that tried-and-tested faded blue version? We suggest copping one along the lines of our timeless, indigo-hued pick, one that’s endlessly versatile and will pair perfectly with your denim+t-shirt combo and dainty dresses alike. 

Teddy Jacket

One of the best types of winter jackets is undoubtedly the teddy jacket. Ideal to keep you feeling snug and looking fabulous, it fits all kinds of cold climes. And goes without saying that you can experiment all that you want in terms of cuts and colours, just like this zipper-incorporating biker version in a warm and striking tone of mustard. If a solid, head-turning look is what you are after, now is the best time to get it.

Handwoven Wool Jacket

It’s impossible to talk about stylish winter jackets and not mention the wool iterations that are touted to be the best amongst the lot. Sample, for starters, this vibrant pick that comprises 100% merino wool and ensures a look that is bound to appear striking while keeping you warm. The added bonus? That unmissable buckle that further elevates the outerwear’s appeal!

Puffer Jacket

Unless you have been living under a huge rock, there is no way you will have missed the prominence of the puffer jacket, often a wardrobe staple within the types of winter jackets for women. Not that we are surprised; reliable outerwear that keeps you warm no matter how cold, the ‘IT’ bulky version of the jacket teams seamlessly with all your basics. For a failsafe outerwear pick, add to cart the version you know you will wear on repeat. 

Long Shirt Jacket

Okay so we are cheating a little but hear us out: what if you had a jacket in your closet that was stellar enough to stand out from amongst the types of winter coats as well? If that sounds like an interesting possibility, you should be hitting click on the option we picked out for you. Complete with texture and overlapping decorative flaps, this light-hued outerwear can be classified as a jacket or a coat, no problem at all!

Bomber Jacket

The ubiquitous outerwear that a bomber jacket is, it hardly needs any introduction. From printed to embellished and in between, it is often said to be one of the best types of winter jackets there are. While there are numerous versions to reach out for in case you admire solids, a printed jacket is going to instantly elevate your wardrobe basics. Should you have a doubt in mind, we suggest taking a look at our aforementioned pick featuring placement details for a winning look!

Embroidered Jacket

If you still haven’t found the ‘one’ from amongst these stylish winter jackets, we suggest taking a look at this next selection. The classic blazer with tailoring to boot gets an update with embroidered floral motifs on the lapels. Whether you are looking to add a classic-chic look to your work wardrobe or your party styles, trust us when we say that this is a head-turning option that works each time. 

Hooded Jacket

Amongst the different types of winter jackets, the hooded type takes the cake with respect to functionality. And, of course, goes without saying that it can most definitely be super stylish too! Enter this parka-like version in olive green, complete with a drawstring to get that ‘cinched’ look should you be looking for it. Sounds good? We are all for this one. 

Quilted Jacket

Most of us love a good quilted jacket but remain sceptical about it being a bulky offering. What if your pick is so heavy that it weighs you down, keeping you uncomfortable the whole time? A solution to it is the ultra-light down, courtesy Uniqlo. Don’t get caught up with its quilted appearance; this one is light as a feather (well, almost) and at the same time, it will keep you snug no matter how cold it is. One of the best types of winter jackets? We definitely think so!

More Amazing Fashion Finds

All caught up on the types of jackets for winter? We have some more stellar finds you wouldn’t want to miss out on. From the good old outerwear options that keep you looking great to the ‘It accessories you need to instantly take it up a notch, here’s all you need to know about the rest in fashion. Delve right in!

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Pick from the array of stylish winter jackets and let them do the talking for you!

Featured Image: Sonam Kapoor/Alaya F on Instagram

19 Jan 2021

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