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10 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Totally Trip For!

10 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Totally Trip For!

We’ve talked about fashionable bags that you can carry to work. We’ve also talked about bags that will go with all your Indian outfits. But now that 2018 has started and you’re nowhere close to working on your resolution to ‘travel more,’ here’s some motivation to get you started. Don’t wait for long weekends. Whether it is a beach getaway or a city tour grab 2 outfits, pack a PJ set, keep all your essentials and off you escape into the realms of nature. 

1. Bag That Speaks Our Heart


Here’s why you need this travel bag – it’s a constant reminder to stop worrying about the destination and lose yourself in the journey. Don’t let the 9-to-5 job take a toll on you.

Price: ₹ 2,599. Buy it here.


2. Not Just A Pretty Bag


Two hands, one bag, that’s the kind of math I like. With a separate compartment for your shoes, this all pink duffel bag is what convenience looks like. Worry less, carry more.

Price: ₹ 2,950. Buy it here.

3. Brown And How!



Looks like leather, feels like feather. This brown travel bag is perfect for your work travels and tours. It has #BossLady written all over it, just like you.

Price: ₹ 1,472. Buy it here.

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4. The Bag With A Vibe



An iridescent print with words to live by, this silver-toned duffel bag is every Instagram girl’s dream come true. Apart from your clothes, here’s a bag to slay in.

Price: ₹ 1,799. Buy it here.

5. Cuteness Overload!


You can’t have a pet panda but you can have a bag that looks (and feels) like one. This cute duffel bag will make heads turn wherever you go. And it’s a good pillow for when you want to take in-between holiday naps.


Price: ₹ 2,199. Buy it here.

6. Who Lives To Travel


‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list,’ this bag is a good way to start planning your next vacation while you’re on one. A true traveller can’t miss out on this beauty.

Price: ₹ 2,290. Buy it here.


7. Quirks And All


We love the vintage vibe the stamps on this duffel bag offer. With a quirky print, gift it to your travel buddy. They’ll thank you for for the quirk.

Price: ₹ 3,299. Buy it here.

8. Oh! The Classic



To nail the airport look of your favourite celebrities, this travel bag is the only accessory you need. Black, quilted and studded, show the world who’s the boss!

Price: ₹ 2,499. Buy it here.

9. Shimmy Shimmy Yeah


Whether it’s a trip to Goa or to the gym, this shiny little number will always keep you motivated. Who said travel bags have to be boring and dull?!


Price: ₹ 2,099. Buy it here.

10. Get Rid Of The Blues


They say travelling is the best way to get rid of the blues. So grab this limited edition Shibori print bag and wait for Friday to board the flight.

Price: ₹ 2,999. Buy it here.


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30 Jan 2018

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