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11 Common Types Of Relationships… Which One Are You In?!

11 Common Types Of Relationships… Which One Are You In?!

There is no set guidelines when it comes to romantic relationships. Every one of them is different because each partner adds something unique to the relationship. But there are some similarities between most. Some couples are fun, some just work together amazingly and some that should definitely consider being together again. Here are 11 common types of relationships that are out there. Which ones have you been in or are in?!

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1. The High School Romance

It’s your ‘pehla pehla pyaar’. You two are the starry eyed lovers and the world is your oyster. This relationship is mostly made up of late night secret phone calls, meeting in private so that nobody sees you and thinking that ‘love is enough’. It is one of the most innocent romances and, while it rarely lasts, it does teach you a lot about love and relationships.

1 types of relationships


2. The ‘Opposites Attract’ Relationship

You two are completely opposite to each other and it’s a wonder how you two are still together! If he likes Italian food, you only love Chinese. If he’s the outdoorsy kinds, your perfect day consists of just laying down in bed and reading a good novel. Despite all your differences, and the world telling you it won’t work, you two have managed to stay together and are as in love as you were in your first month!

3. The Soulmates Relationship

This is the relationship where the two people are made for each other. You cannot possibly think of a better person for either of the two partners and they just fit together perfectly. This couple gives you #relationshipgoals and whether it works out for them or not, everybody around them always sees up to them as they are the ideal couple.


3 types of relationships

4. The Friends With Benefits

This relationship is all about pleasuring each other! *wink* Though both of the partners are aware of the boundaries of the relationship and know better than to develop feelings for each other, we all know how it ends most of the times!


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5. The Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is the toughest one to survive. It leaves people feeling drained, emotionally exhausted and with a lot less confidence than they started with. One of the partners in a toxic relationship is abusive, either emotionally or physically or both, and the other person realizes this after a long time. But this one does leave the victim stronger than ever before because of the things they had to deal with.


5 types of relationships

6. The ‘Friends Who Should Date’ Relationship

This is usually when two friends are in love and everyone knows that except the two of them. It is extremely cute how the two of them are always stealing glances, subtly flirting and gushing over each other in private. And as a friend, all you want to do for the two of them is tell them that they are meant for each other but you can’t because they’ve both made you promise to not say anything!


7. The PDA Relationship

This couple is all over the place with their love for each other. They express their love not only in person but on social media as well. This is the couple that ends up making everyone around them feel a little uncomfortable. All you want to do, is tell them to take it a little easy because you, the single one, cannot deal with it anymore!

7 types of relationships


8. The Rebound

This relationship is self explanatory. At least one partner in the relationship is only there to distract themselves from the pain of the previous one. The other one might actually have genuine feelings. This relationship is a kind of a toxic relationship because both partners come out of it a little worse for wear!

9. The One That Boosts Your Ego

A lot of people are in relationships that make them look good to the world and boost their ego. Whether it is for money, for fame or just because they got somebody out of their league, these relationships are built more on the benefits than love.


9 types of relationships

10. The Adventurous Relationship  

This is the couple that’s most fun to be around. They both love taking life head on and are always doing something adventurous, mostly bordering on risky, without a care in the world. Between the two of them, there isn’t a boring moment and you’ll always see these two laughing or planning their next prank!


11. The Mature One

This is the relationship that was meant to be. No matter how it starts, and it could be any one of the above, this is the one that’ll definitely last! Both the partners are truly in love and make a conscious effort to build the trust in relationship. There is love, respect and commitment in the relationship and both the partners try and be the best versions of themselves for the other one. This is the one in which you grow up without growing apart!

11 types of relationships


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16 Aug 2017
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