10 *Intimate* Things To Do With Him To Bring You Both Closer!

10 *Intimate* Things To Do With Him To Bring You Both Closer!
No matter how platonic your idea of love is, a relationship inevitably changes things. You don’t just get attached to a person, but his quirks, the sensation of his touch, even the smell of his deodorant can send you into a tizzy. And all of this positive interaction makes your bond even stronger. Here are 10 things to do with him to do to grow close in a relationship.

1. Walk hand in hand

If this comes to you naturally, even absentmindedly, then you are confident and comfortable in your relationship, even in public spaces. If it doesn’t, then it is definitely something to aspire for, because it will only draw you towards each other. 1 grow close in a relationship

2. Cook together

Even if neither of you is a great cook, this is one activity you can pursue in the comfort of your own homes. While most young people are attending concerts and going to parties, you can truly utilise this quiet and intimate time to get to know each other better.

3. Be absolutely stupid with each other

And that includes getting foolishly drunk or watching a crappy movie or going for bowling when neither of you quite knows how to do it properly. Doing such pointless things will inevitably make you less conscious in front of the other person.

4. Fall asleep together

One of you might be reading a book, the other working on a presentation, but if you still manage to fall asleep together without speaking a word, that intimate action speaks for itself, of how your bodies are so attuned and in sync. 4 grow close in a relationship

5. Be glorious couch potatoes

Neither of you feel any shame in spending your entire weekend plonked on your couch, watching trash television and having copious amounts of junk food. Mutually, you don’t take yourselves too seriously or give into the pressure of being super productive all the time.

6. Speak your heart out

About the unpleasant, embarrassing, messy bits which are usually left unsaid. When you truly allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of the other person, you’ll be able to know each other better.

7. Fight right

Arguments are inescapable in any relationship, especially in a romantic one. But you need to be considerate even when you are not exactly getting along with your partner. Don’t bear old grudges or bring up the past and if you are the one at fault, acknowledge it instead of further aggravating the situation. 7 grow close in a relationship

8. Sweat it out

Exercising with your partner will help you get fit and healthy together. You can try new fitness activities like biking or hiking and keep each other motivated and consistent through the process.

9. Listen to each other

After long, hectic days at work, you might have plenty of things to share but it is also important that you are patient and hear each other out. Your empathy and attention will mean a lot to your partner.   

10. Change...together

As they say, change is the only constant. So be open to changing and growing with him. Explore new things and stand by one another through thick and thin.
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