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11 Types Of Hugs Every Girl Wants From Her Boyfriend!

11 Types Of Hugs Every Girl Wants From Her Boyfriend!

This story was updated in January 2019.

There is something immensely warm and comforting about a hug. This gesture of love says so much in a few seconds and feels oh-so-amazing. Here are a few types of hugs girls want from their boyfriends. Don’t you all agree?

11 Different Types Of Hugs

1. The tight ‘I missed you so bad’ hug

When you haven’t seen him in a long time and all you want is for him to take you in his arms and never let you go again!

1 types of hugs girls want


2. The gentle but warm ‘It’s gonna be alright’ hug!

When you are having a bad day all you really want is a warm, reassuring and prolonged hug from bae which makes you feel that no matter what, everything is gonna be fine.

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3. The ‘casual but cute’ side hug

This one’s aww-fully cute! When you’re out with friends or are yearning some casual but not-over-the-top PDA, this hug is just perfect.

3 types of hugs girls want


4. The ‘kiss and twirl’ hug

This one is slightly filmy but feels SO good! This is the hug where you boyfriend hugs you and the slightly lifts you up and twirls you around… It’s kinda cheesy, very romantic and oh-so-beautiful!

5. The ‘snug and romantic’ hug from the back.

This one is sensual and cute in the right proportions. It feels so romantic when he takes you by surprise and comes and hugs you from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist. And the way he keeps his head on your shoulder or your head and holds the hug for a while is just adorable.

5 types of hugs girls want

6. The ‘romantic touchy feely’ hug!

This hug means business and every girl loves to get this one every once in a while. This romantic hug with roaming hands is basically the beginning of some sexy, intimate time together. *Wink*


7. The warm ‘after-sex’ hug

This hug is what follows your sexy-time with bae. When you are lying in bed together and he just rolls over and gives you a warm but not-so-tight hug, it feels like you couldn’t possibly ask for anything else…right, ladies?

7 types of hugs girls want

8. The ‘please don’t go’ hug

When you are leaving and he doesn’t want you to go, he gives you this hug which ,without saying anything, says everything. It gives you some serious feels and makes you a little teary eyed. But you still love this last goodbye hug and would never want to do without it.

9. The ‘snuggling in the blanket’ hug

There is something so warm and comforting and fuzzy about sharing the same blanket. And what makes it all the more wonderful is when he hugs you inside the blanket as you both cuddle together! *Aww*


9 types of hugs girls want

10. The squeezy ‘I am in a cocoon’ hug!

You know that hug when he just wraps himself around you like a cozy blanket, hands and all, and you look like a tiny person pressed up against his chest? *Sigh*

11. The ‘airtight’ hug!

This is the hug which is so tight that there is no space for anything (not even air) to pass through! Sometimes, it may feel like a bone-crushing experience, but it’s still super-cute though!

11 types of hugs girls want


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