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From Bodyguard Bestie To Joota Chupai Expert – 8 Types Of Bridesmaids At Every Wedding!

From Bodyguard Bestie To Joota Chupai Expert – 8 Types Of Bridesmaids At Every Wedding!

No matter how many weddings you’ve attended, there are some things that remain constant in each one of them – dressing up, dancing, food and of course, the types of bridesmaids. Haven’t you all come across that one dulhan ki behen who is overprotective of her didi? Or that friend of the bride who takes it upon herself to share every tiny detail of the shaadi with the whole world, thanks to her social media expertise? Well, here are different types of bridesmaids that we’ve all come across at least once.

1. The bride’s shadow

This one is every bride’s dream come true. She has been by the bride’s side ever since the wedding date got fixed, and is probably her soul sister (or actual sister). Right from feeding the bride during her mehendi function to helping her get into her wedding attire, she’s her shadow. She is right by her bestie’s side until her vidaai. Psst… she is also the one who gets the most number of rishtas during the wedding.


1 bride's shadow

2. The planner

The one you’ll see walking around with a diary and a walkie-talkie in her hand, managing everything! Right from making sure that the mandap is well decorated to checking with the groom’s side on the whereabouts of the baraat, the planner will make sure that her bestie’s big day goes as planned!


3. The party starter

Not saying that she’s the exact opposite of the disciplinarian (read: the planner), but this is a bridesmaid who is as cool as a cucumber. You’ll see her mingling with guests, getting all the juicy gossip, tasting the yummy chaat and shaking a leg on the dance floor with the baraatis. She is the fun one, but unfortunately, isn’t the one you can rely on for any important work.

3 party starter


4. The ‘Snapchatter’

Oh, how can we miss the best out of the lot? She’s the one constantly updating the world about her #BestieKiShaadi. Right from the chooda ceremony to the vidaai, you’ll only see her puckering her lips and taking selfies.

5. The fashion queen

Do we really need to explain this one? Alright, we will! This is the diva of the wedding, the one with the most unusual but beautiful outfit, make-up that perfectly complements her dress and an attitude that could give any actress a run for her money. All the young guys at the wedding are definitely swooning over her because she’s oh-so-pretty!


5 fashion queen

6. The obligatory one

This is the bridesmaid who has only been given that status because of her rapport with the bride. She might be the bride’s first cousin or her friend from school, who’s really not interested in doing much. She doesn’t help with the wedding prep, is usually late for most of the shaadi functions and leaves before the pheras start. Yes, that’s the one.


7. The joota chupai expert

We can still believe if you’ve never encountered any of the bridesmaids we mentioned above, but the joota chupai queen is simply unmissable. She knows all the unique and crazy places to hide the groom’s shoes. She’s even amazing at negotiation and is always able to get the sum of money she asked for!

7 joota chupai expert


8. The ‘bodyguard’ bestie

She’ll guard the bride’s bedroom door at night (usually a day before her wedding) so that she gets her much-needed beauty sleep. She is always around the bride, making sure nobody ruins her lehenga or make-up. One badass woman, this one is!

So now that you know about the different types of bridesmaids, which one do you think you’ll be?


GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

08 Feb 2018
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