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Dear Bride-To-Be, Why Your Bestie *Needs* To Be Your Bridesmaid

Dear Bride-To-Be, Why Your Bestie *Needs* To Be Your Bridesmaid

You have a sneaking suspicion that your bestie has had the requisite bridesmaid skills since the day she was born! You are so, SO certain she’s going to do the job impeccably. She’s going to enter the Bridesmaid Hall of Fame! She’s going to set a precedent to all future bridesmaids. Here are 10 reasons why your bestie is the best bridesmaid ever!

1. She knows you better than you know yourself

“People have an inner voice, I have a bestie!”
1 bestie is the best bridesmaid

2. She knows exactly how to deal with your tantrums and your hyper moments

“Yes, she knows when it’s time to listen to my venting or when it’s time to distract me instead.” Also Read 10 AWESOME Birthday Gifts For Bride-to-be

3. She is the most patient person in the universe when she needs to be

“After all, I’ve given her years and years of training!” *wink* 3 bestie is the best bridesmaid

4. She knows exactly what kind of bride you envision yourself to be

“Super stylish, non-fussy, and happy! Who better than her to help me transform into this?” Also read: 12 Thoughts You Have During Your Bestie’s Shaadi Ceremony!

5. She knows who and what actually has the power to affect you

“This will so come in handy during the wedding preps.” 5 bestie is the best bridesmaid

6. She is totally comfortable with your whole family

“My mom has my bestie on speed dial - yes, truly #bestigoals.”

7. She knows what you are thinking just by looking at you

“We have some kind of secret code language that doesn’t involve any conversation, really!” 7 bestie is the best bridesmaid

8. She’s the kind of person who you will totally need around you at all times during the shaadi

“Of course! A) Because we better be clicking a dozen selfies. And B) Because who else will know how to help me keep my sanity?!”
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9. She’s protective of you in a way that no one else is

“She’s my sister from another mother, and people better be scared of her. She’s got my back ALWAYS, ALWAYS!” 9 bestie is the best bridesmaid

10. You have discussed the wedding with her more than anyone else in the world

“Isn’t that what all besties do?” GIFs: Fanpop, Tumblr
Published on Oct 20, 2016
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