Dear Bridesmaids, Here's What The Bride Does NOT Want You To Wear At Her Wedding!

Dear Bridesmaids, Here's What The Bride Does NOT Want You To Wear At Her Wedding!

Being the perfect bridesmaid is not an easy job!  Apart from helping your bestie choose all her outfits, jewellery and finalize the make-up artist, you even have to handle all her pre-bridal jitters calmly. And keeping your bestie’s occasional bridezilla mood in mind, we have a few tips on things you need to consider while deciding on your outfit for your bestie’s wedding without having to steal her thunder.

1. Similar colour

You know the colour she is wearing and how much time she spent in choosing between the two shades of pink before finally zeroing down on it. So do not choose a colour which would be anywhere close to the colour of her outfit or even similar to it.


2. No twinning

Forget the colour, don’t even try choosing an outfit which has a similar silhouette or embroidery in a different shade. Keep your #twinning caption photos for some other time!

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3. Let her be the in the limelight

Don’t choose an outfit which would be heavier than hers. Let her be the centre of attention and do not ever try to wear your heaviest outfit and steal away her thunder.


4. But don’t be too minimal either!

While it is important to avoid any flashy outfits, we don’t want you to wear something too feeka either! Wearing a plain outfit with no accessories would make her feel like you aren’t interested and bothered. Thus, keep a balance in mind while deciding your outfit. 

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5. Very heavy jewellery

We know you are excited about her wedding but please do not behave as if it is yours! Do not wear layers of jewellery and outshine her sparkle and charm.


6. Keep the hairstyle different

Since you know the hairstyles she is getting for different functions, try getting something different. For instance, if she is getting a braid made on her mehendi day, you could opt for boho curls instead.

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7. Take her advice

Don’t let your outfits be a surprise to her. Run the options you have in mind with her and share your thoughts on when you’d like to wear them. Taking her opinion will not only help you take the final call but would also make her feel important and involved.


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