Take Care Mumbai: Twitterati Share Devastating Scenes From Flooded Maximum City

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Aug 7, 2020
Take Care Mumbai: Twitterati Share Devastating Scenes From Flooded Maximum City

This year has certainly proved to be an extremely trying one for Mumbai. While the city has been dealing with an alarming COVID-19 caseload for almost half a year now, Mumbai is also inundated by the heaviest August rainfall in over four decades. In the past couple of days, Mumbai has been lashed by a torrential downpour along with strong winds. 

With over 293.8 mm of rainfall, the city is currently submerged with water lodging into houses and making vehicles float like leaves on the Mumbai streets. On Wednesday, the city witnessed extraordinary downpour and wind of over 100km/h that ended up uprooting trees, tossing cars, tearing down hoardings and tin sheds, and smashing cranes at the port.

For someone who is sitting in confines of their home safely away from the Mumbai floods, it is impossible to imagine the extent of the crisis. However, people have been constantly posting the flood updates on Twitter and here are some of the devastating scenes to show you the horrors that Mumbai is facing right now:

The Water Clogged Mumbai Streets

Some of the most prominent roads and streets in Mumbai are currently under water.

There have been landslides in some of the areas: 


Vehicles lie submerged, many of them floating with the force of water:


Humans Of Bombay Taking The Brunt Of It All

Yesterday, a video of a man saved from a pothole in Mumbai was posted on Twitter. There lie a number of such potholes in the city, opened for the rainwater to drain out. And while this man was thankfully saved, imagine how dangerous they happen to be for those who have no option but to take the road even while it is flooding:

We came across another video of a kid who was saved from being washed away. Imagine the horrors of Mumbai’s poor who live in dilapidated slums and have nowhere to go right now:

People with kuchcha or makeshift cement houses are losing them to the powerful rain and winds. While the rains might stop in a week or two, where will these people go?

Water Encroaching Upon The Houses

Imagine sleeping peacefully in your house and suddenly it gets flooded from nowhere. That’s what is happening to a lot of Mumbaikars right now:

Even apartment buildings aren’t safe from the violent floods: 

Hospitals Are Flooded Too

The fact that Mumbai happens to be one of the most adversely hit cities by the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t helping either. Below are the visuals from JJ hospital that was flooded on Wednesday: 

Portions of Jaslok hospital gave in to the strong winds and started falling apart in this nightmarish visual:

A Submerged Chowpatty

While Chowpatty retains the reputation of rarely being affected by floods in Mumbai, even this area has been under water for two days now:

An Angry Sea

To see a roaring sea at a submerged city cannot be a comforting sight. However, that’s been a common visual in Mumbai this week:

Our heart goes out to Mumbai. Here’s hoping that the city recovers soon. 

Featured Image: Twitter