Kangana Ranaut Belittles 22 YO Artist’s Mental Health Struggles & Twitter Isn’t Having It

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Nov 19, 2020
Kangana Ranaut Belittles 22 YO Artist’s Mental Health Struggles & Twitter Isn’t Having It


Twitter became a chaotic place ever since actor Kangana Ranaut joined the platform. It started out with her making distasteful comments about some fellow actors. Later, she started publicly mocking mental illness, and slammed actor Deepika Padukone for running “depression ka dhanda” (making a business out of depression). She also mocked Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan for opening up about her struggle with depression.

But of course, with each new day comes a new Twitter battle for the controversial actor. Yesterday, she started by slamming IPS officer D Roopa Moudgil, who called out Twitter handle True Indology for making absurd comments about the use of firecrackers in ancient India. Kangana couldn’t help jumping in and got into a spat with Moudgil, and also asked for Twitter to restore the account after it was suspended. This is what she said about Moudgil, a public servant and officer of law:

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Kangana attacking officer Moudgil for being from a reserved category did not go down well with Priyanka Paul, a 22-year-old artist and Bahujan activist, who sarcastically replied to Kangana’s disrespectful tweet: 

While Kangana did not reply to Priyanka’s tweet, she left a really distasteful comment on the latter’s previous tweet, where she candidly alluded to struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

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But of course, Kangana didn’t stop there. She then became an actual internet troll, and began calling Priyanka names, making fun of her hair and body.

Her tweets started as disrespectful…and then just became absurd. But since this isn’t the first time Kangana made fun of people struggling with mental illness, Twitter was not very pleased. Several users called her out for her insensitive behaviour, and noted that a Padma Shree Award winner (as Kangana loves to remind the world) should not be bullying 22-year old women on the internet.

We’re happy Twitter users are extending their support to Priyanka. And as for Kangana–we hope she takes some time off the microblogging site to introspect on how many people she’s hurting by mocking an illness that kills over 135,000 people in India every year.

Featured Image: Twitter