Kangana Ranaut Does It Again, Says Karan Johar Needs A Dose Of Chyawanprash!

Kangana Ranaut Does It Again, Says Karan Johar Needs A Dose Of Chyawanprash!

Kangana Ranaut is at her no-nonsensical best once again. In a recent interview, the Manikarnika actress who couldn't make it to the Best Actresses List of KJo's Koffee With Karan took a dig at him and said, "I don't feel left out. I really feel I stand out. When you talk about actresses, here's a three-time National Award-winning actress. The Mr Johars of the world try to present a list of people whose acting abilities are questionable. It's brain-feeding of another magnitude."

"There was a time when we liked bell-bottoms and neon shades that people wore in the 70s but when we look back, we find it funny. This is what is going to happen to these people. They are going to look like idiots," added the actress.


Image Credits: Kangana Ranaut on Instagram

Responding to Karan's remark calling her 'jobless', Kangana went on to say, "Karan mocked me on the IIFA stage and said that I am jobless and I am looking for jobs from him or something like that. I mean, look at my talent and look at your movies. I mean, really? He really called me jobless on some platform? I think some people need a dose of chyawanprash."

Kangana also slammed Hrithik Roshan for claiming that he didn't know her on a personal level. "Talking about this so-called case which never actually happened, here's a person I have worked with in two films. He is completely denying even knowing me and getting away with it. How does that even happen?"


Image Credits: Kangana Ranaut on Instagram

She went on to say, "It is such an absurd situation that you are in. You're saying that you don't know the person at all but you have worked with the same person for five years. One film took two years to make and the other took three years. How come you don't know the person? This is absurd. Even to think that you can get away with something like that is in itself a sign of powerdrunkness."

When asked how would she respond if she had to swap places with Hrithik and Karan, she quipped, "He will never be where I am." Calling out the industry for nepotism, the actress said that Bollywood only helps people with privileges and repels when it is challenged. Her fallouts in the industry happened because she had to go through several do-or-die situations.

"I come from a situation where I really do not have a backup plan. I don’t have a plan B. It’s not like I wake up in the morning and think about ‘Oh wait a minute. How many people can I offend today and how to make my life difficult?’ That’s not how it is. The kind of story I have I wasn’t left with an option. I wish they did. I wish they let me do my thing and I wish there wasn’t this do or die situation. I would have preferred it like that. But if one of us has to do die I will make sure that it is not me," she said.


Image Credits: Kangana Ranaut on Instagram

Giving the entire credit of her success to herself, Kangana claimed that she is the only actor in Bollywood "who has not worked with a big production house or a big hero.” She added, “We all know that Bollywood, the film industry is classist and so is the rest of the society. The system works for certain people the way it is. It is definitely going to resist when you are going to challenge it."

Revealing how Bollywood tried to shut her down every time she tried to question it, Kangana said, "When you question so many things, they will try to shut your voice because the system has been working for them. It is your prerogative as a person to see what you want to do. Of course they will do what they can to ensure that people like us who question the system do not survive."

Talking about women empowerment, Kangana confessed that women actors in the industry believe that they do not deserve to get equal pay as their male counterparts, "I think you are as empowered as you think you are. It’s a very individual choice. I know some women who openly say that ‘I don’t think I deserve the kind of remuneration my male counterpart does.’ It is an individual choice. If you believe that you are not an equal then of course nobody can change that."


Image Credits: Kangana Ranaut on Instagram

Kangana Ranaut has been a controversy queen in Bollywood for quite some time now. From having a dirty spat with Hrithik Roshan to nepotism war with Karan Johar, Kangana has never minced her words. On the work front, Kangana has two films in her kitty. She will be starring in Panga opposite Jassie Gill and in Mental Hai Kya with Rajkumar Rao.

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