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Gave Yourself An Embarrassing Quarantine Haircut? 5 Tips To Grow Your Hair Out Quick

Gave Yourself An Embarrassing Quarantine Haircut? 5 Tips To Grow Your Hair Out Quick


Remember when we thought the pandemic would only last a couple of months and then we’d be free to live our lives? At the beginning of the lockdown, people were being super productive- they were baking bread from scratch, doing all the cleaning, playing games over video calls, and even giving themselves a haircut every now and then. However, now there seems to be a lull- I guess people are tired and restless.

While we can’t do anything about your boredom and tiredness, (except ask you to scroll through our Instagram for hilarious memes) we can give you some easy tips on how to grow out your quarantine haircut. Either you messed up your bangs or your hair is growing out unevenly- whatever the reason is, these are quick and easy tips to follow.

Hair Growth Tips


Distribute Your Hair’s Natural Oils


Brushing your hair before you sleep may seem like a task but giving your hair a few quick strokes can be good for scalp and hair health. Use a broad bristles brush to evenly distribute the oils secreted from your scalp to the rest of the hair so that it remains naturally moisturised. This will increase blood circulation and keep the scalp healthier. 

Choose A Gentle Hair Cleanser


There are many products in the market that are really harsh on your hair, making your strands weak and brittle. Use a gentle shampoo cleanser to wash your hair not more than two or three times in the week so that your natural oils can penetrate into the strands and make them thicker, longer and stronger.

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Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase


Did you know that your hair needs to be taken care of even while you’re sleeping? Sleeping on a regular pillowcase can damage your hair, cause breakage, and result in frizziness too. For longer and stronger hair- change up your bed linens by sleeping on a silk pillowcase so that your hair is well tended to.

Eat The Right Foods

Eating well is extremely important when you’re looking at hair growth. If you’re doing weekly cleanses, you’ll notice that your hair lacks lustre. To improve hair health, increase your protein intake with foods like fish, beans, nuts, and whole grains. You should also add foods high in protein as well as vitamins A, C, and E, minerals like zinc and iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Avoid Heat Styling Your Hair As Much As Possible


We’re all socially isolating ourselves which means we have all the time in the world to wait for our hair to air dry. Using heat regularly on your hair causes it to become weak, damages it, and leads to breakage. If you do have to style it, use a heat protection spray- ALWAYS!

While the best tip to grow your hair out is to get regular trims- going to the salon right now is extremely dangerous. So, we hope you give these tips a try and stay safe at home!

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07 Sep 2020

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