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Dry Skin? Tips to Keep It Moisturized Even During Winter!

Dry Skin? Tips to Keep It Moisturized Even During Winter!

With the temperature finally dropping, it’s time to flaunt those gorgeous coats and chic boots, but dry skin probably isn’t the best accessory right? It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily the rest of the year, with winter, dry skin is a problem which we all face. We give you a few simple ways to deal with dry skin this winter. With a few easy tweaks, you can swap those flakes for soft, smooth and healthy skin no matter how cold it gets.


Dry Skin Tip 1: Be A Moisturizing Maven

tips to get rid of dry skin

Moisturising your skin when it’s dry is a no-brainer but how religious are you really about the routine? Moisturise twice a day daily, even when your skin doesn’t feel dry to keep it healthy and supple. Try Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion to hydrate dry skin back to health. Your hands are also prone to dryness because of how often you wash them so don’t forget to massage your hands with the lotion too. Nobody likes rough, parched hands.

Dry Skin Tip 2: Don’t Skip The Sunscreen

Just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean you should slack off on sunscreen. The sun’s rays are damaging all year round, no matter what weather it is. Make sure you apply SPF generously to avoid skin damage. We love Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Lotion which helps in keeping dry skin away, sun-protected and noticeably brighter – all at the same time.

Dry Skin Tip 3: Say Hello To Lukewarm Showers

tips to get rid of dry skin

A hot shower can feel like bliss when it’s cold outside, but it’s actually contributing to your skin woes. Hot water can break down the barriers of the skin and lead to loss of moisture. This could be the reason why your skin is flaky and dry. Try lukewarm water instead and stay under the water for shorter amounts of time if you have a dry skin.

Dry Skin Tip 4: Special Care For Your Pucker

Chapped lips are another annoying problem we all face when the air gets cooler. Keep a constant supply of hydrating lip balm with you at all times. Try to avoid sticky lip glosses and matte lipsticks as they can dry out your lips even more. Some extra special care for your lips is a must. Vaseline Lip Therapy helps you restore your lush pucker.

Dry Skin Tip 5: Take Action When Your Skin Is Damp

tips to get rid of dry skin

It’s smart to moisturise as soon as you’re out of the shower. Moisturising when your skin is damp helps it absorb it better and seal the hydration. Pat your skin with a towel and then slather on your moisturiser for maximum effect. It’s a super simple tip for soft, supple skin always.

Dry Skin Tip 6: Exfoliate Like A Boss

It’s extremely important to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. How else are you supposed to slough away all that dry skin and make way for fresh, healthier skin? Use a baby’s washcloth or a body scrub and loofah to gently exfoliate your skin, remember not to be too vigorous and get carried away. Moisturise after.

Dry Skin Tip 7: Stay Hydrated From Within

tips to get rid of dry skin

Drink lots of water, it has been said enough times already! Water flushes out the toxins in your body and is the easiest way to stay hydrated and nourished from the inside. Also eating fresh fruits and leafy veggies is a must. Watermelons, tomatoes and broccoli are especially great as they have a high water content. Salmon, avocados, walnuts and olives are delicious foods that increase blood circulation and help nutrients reach the cells. You may want to cut down on the alcohol and salty and fried foods  that are dehydrating your body and leading to dry skin.

Dry Skin Tip 8: Stick To The Basics

Remember how good old Vaseline petroleum jelly would come to the rescue for almost every problem when you were a kid? This multi-purpose skin-saver can be used for for cracked heels and feet and can help soften them in no time. It’s also great to apply on extra dry skin areas like your elbows and knees that tend to get scaly and rough. Plus, we all know what an amazing lip balm it is. Keep a jar handy, always!

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05 May 2016

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