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11 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Work If You Want To Be Successful

11 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Work If You Want To Be Successful

Are you an ambitious girl, willing to do what it takes to climb that ladder of success? Then let me tell you, before you focus on what to do, make sure you stop doing certain things that are holding you back! In order to be more successful at work, these are the things you should stop doing!

1. Sucking up to the boss

If you think sucking up to the boss is the way to succeed, then sorry to break your bubble sweetie, just know that your boss is smarter than that! Get your boss to notice your amazing work ethic and hard work, rather than your complying nature.

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2. Coming to work in less than fit condition

Going out drinking on a weekday? You sure as hell don’t want to end up at work, the next morning looking like Stuart from Hangover! While your hangover will be nursed in a day, your career prospects, after being seen at work that way, will take much much longer to recover.

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3. Not being on time

Had a late night fight with your boyfriend or your bestie which went on till the wee hours? Happens to all of us! But you still better be on time for work! Always be on time to show your respect for other’s and your commitment to your work.

4. Checking your phone during meetings

Texting bae during work or making weekend plans during an office meeting? You might think you’re being very sneaky and smart but you really never know when someone notices you smirking at your phone screen. Avoid all other things that can distract you during a meeting.

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5. Being a gossip monger

Just found out something about one of your colleagues? Can’t wait to tell another colleague sitting in the next cubicle? We suggest you don’t. You never know who finds out about or overhears your gossip session. You don’t want the people in your office (and especially the senior management) to think you’re more interested in gossiping than working.

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6. Taking long breaks

We know it’s hard to go back to work from lunch and coffee breaks during work hours, because food and gossip might be more fun than work. But your long breaks could have kept your boss or others waiting long for you to be back and now you’re probably gonna be kept waiting for that promotion you wanted so badly.

7. Having an office affair

Have the hots for the cute guy, two cubicles down? Don’t act on your feeling unless you’re absolutely sure it’s worth it! And office affair can lead to many uncomfortable situations that you need to be prepared for!

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8. Showing up unprepared

Remember what happened when the last time you went unprepared for an exam? Yes, you failed. Trust me, work is not very different when it comes to meetings and presentations. Do your homework – whether you’re asked to or not!

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9. Sending delayed responses

An urgent work email delaying your plan with your bestie? Replying four hours later or completely ignoring the email ain’t a good decision if you want to succeed at work! It’s okay to reply even if it isn’t during your working hours – your true friends will understand!

10. Missing deadlines

It’s okay to miss your friend’s birthday night out, you can easily make it up to her by taking her out for lunch the next day… But missing a work deadline? Don’t just keep fretting by yourself! Talk to your reporting manager – apologize, ask how you could have planned better, and assure them that you’ll do better in the future!

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11. Managing your personal chores during work hours

Work is work and home is home for a reason. It’s very important to draw a firm line between your work life and personal life because a merging them both never leads to anything great, trust us. And people WILL notice.

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24 Oct 2016

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