6 Top Tips For Shaving ’Down There’!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016
6 Top Tips For Shaving ’Down There’!


While some girls are completely used to getting hot wax applied on to their lady parts and then ripped off, there are others who shudder and tremble at the mere thought of it. If you fall into the second category then you’ve probably realized that shaving your bikini area is more for you. But with your razor comes the risk of nicks and cuts in the area (ouch!) and even unsightly bumps. Which is why we give you some no-fail tips on shaving down there, which will make it easy, painless and stress-free. Say hello to a smooth bikini line!

1. Trim The Hedges First

Before you do anything, you need to find a pair of sharp, clean grooming scissors to trim the hair down. Use a hand mirror to help with precision and trim your hair down to about a quarter of an inch or shorter in order to avoid clogging up your razor. Longer hair can get caught in the razor blade and cause it to snag against your skin. Definitely something we all want to avoid.

2. Don’t Rush Into It

tips on shaving down there

Don’t shave first thing in the shower. You should wait for five to ten minutes and allow the hair follicles to soften and loosen with the warm water and steam. This will help prevent annoying razor burns down there. Wash the area well before you take your razor to it. You can exfoliate first to help reduce the chance of ingrown hairs (we hate those pesky little suckers) and help your hair come off easily.

3.  Be Generous With The Shaving Cream

Skipping this step is a big no-no if you want an easy, smooth shave minus the risks of cutting your precious girl parts. Use a shaving cream or gel that is super mild and scent-free to avoid irritation in the area. You can even use baby oil if you haven’t got any shaving foam lying around.

4. Are You Shaving Right?

tips on shaving down there

First of all, don’t even think about using a razor that isn’t sharp and brand new. You should have a separate razor for your bikini area and for your legs and underarms. Glide the razor gently in the direction of the hair growth; shaving against it can cause irritation and angry bumps. A razor with a lubricating strip like Gillette Venus Razor is great. Don’t press down or you can cut yourself, remember how delicate the area is. Use short strokes and pull the skin taut to get a closer shave. Do yourself a favour and be gentle and slow. Trust us, it’s a process you really don’t want to rush through. Red cuts and bumps aren’t something you want to explain to your partner when you’re getting down and dirty.

5. Uh Oh! You Spot Bumps

So you shaved but now your bikini line is sporting red and white bumps? This breakout is a form of razor burn. Make sure not to go over an area too many times with your razor to avoid these annoying bumps. Also, apply baby powder to the area after you finish shaving to reduce redness. It will most likely go away on its own in a couple of days – you can use ice or aloe vera gel to soothe the irritated area. If it doesn’t clear up in a few days you can see your doctor – don’t worry it’s nothing serious.

6. Prevent Itchy Privates

tips on shaving down there

You know how you can feel all itchy down there after shaving? Well, that’s because of prickly or dry skin. Obviously itchy lady parts sounds like a really bad joke so keep these steps in mind for a safe shave: soak up in the shower, shaving cream (never use soap), gentle strokes and then moisturizing the area afterwards with an unscented lotion. Always use a brand new razor for a safe shave and exfoliate the area about once a week, but not more than that. Wear cotton underwear afterwards to allow your skin to breathe, those satin panties and thongs are the worst choice of undies after you shave. Soften Her pads are also great to soften and reduce prickliness when the stubble starts growing back.

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