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Love In The Time Of Coronavirus: 7 Tips For A Successful Video Chat ‘Date’

Love In The Time Of Coronavirus: 7 Tips For A Successful Video Chat ‘Date’

For me, lockdown means spending more time with my family and my partner. We usually spend our day chatting, working and sometimes watching TikTok videos (sorry, not sorry). So it’s safe to say that I don’t really know how my day goes by. But after an hour-long conversation with my bestie yesterday, I realised that this lockdown is not all fun and games for single people. My bestie, who used to go out on regular dates, is now staying in all the time. However, staying in does not mean being alone. Yesterday, she told me all about Bumble’s video call feature AKA virtual dating and I was like–Woah, technology is really killing it! So while she gave me a complete insight into the numerous possibilities of fun virtual dates on Bumble, I thought it was only fair to share a few of my learnings with you. We may be far apart but that doesn’t mean we should stop looking for our soulmate. 

You can actually find your someone special even when you’re social-distancing. Curious? Read on to know how.

Have a short conversation before you decide to get on a video call

Since women can make the first move on Bumble, connect and know more about each other through Bumble chats before you get on a video call. Just like how you would take your time to know someone before meeting them IRL, it’s helpful to have a few conversations before you decide to video call your match. 


Make sure you’re ready for the date

Who doesn’t love a little glow-up? So dress up for that date you have been waiting for. Or give yourself that hair spa that you have been wanting to try. Make the most of this time and be kind to yourself. Even if it’s a video call, put on your favourite pyjamas or even better, a pretty dress. Trust me, it’ll be a welcoming change from your daily routine.

Make it like a proper date

Drinks, good food, great ambience and awesome conversations. That’s what real dates are made of, right? So, who said you can’t have a real date at home? Add these essentials to your video call date and make it just as special. 


Make sure you have a strong network

More often than not, video calls are interrupted by unstable signals. Make sure you check you network settings before you set up the video call. You don’t want your first ever video call to be disrupted by a poor signal. 

Play a few games together

Who said video calls are boring?  Give each other a virtual tour of your rooms, play online ludo or even better, play a drinking game like “never have I ever.” There is so much that you can do on a video call to get to know each other better. 


Watch a movie together

Are you the kind of person who likes to go out for a movie on their first date? Make that wish come true. Watch the same movie together on a video call. Movie night in your PJs–how cool is that?

Try out a few activities together

After a few video calls together, you might be comfortable enough to try out some fun activities together. Cook or bake and bond over your love for food. Make them listen to your favourite songs or talk about your most-loved books. The possibilities of online dating are infinite. Make the most of the Bumble video call feature and get set…go!


So, how is your first virtual date going to look like? Download Bumble and find out now!

*This is a sponsored post for Bumble

15 Apr 2020

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