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Dear Bestie, 11 Times In Life I Just *Can’t* Do Without You!

Dear Bestie, 11 Times In Life I Just *Can’t* Do Without You!

In this topsy-turvy, crazy, mad and cliched universe, if there is someone who understands all our insanities and loves us for them, it is the bestie clan! No one, we repeat NO ONE, can nearly understand us as much as our besties do – and that is why we love them to the moon and back, don’t we? There are a few times when we just cannot do without our bestie – and nope, no one else will do!

1. When you break up and need to cry your eyes out…

And she knows what goes best with all of this… A big tub of ice-cream, your fav chick flick and some reassurance that you’ve done the right thing – because you deserve the best!

1 need your bestie

2. When you need to go out partying to forget all about him…

She knows she has to hide your phone when you’ve had too many tequila shots, because she knows that although you loathe your ex at that point of time, subjecting him to digital abuse is not something you would do in your (sane) mind.

3. When you want to go shopping…

Because she knows exactly what color, style, fabric and even silhouette will suit you! And even if you want to go for I-want-to-see-everything-and-buy-nothing type of shopping, she will still tag along!

3 need your bestie

4. … And then when you need to play dress up and model on the invisible ramp in your bedroom with your newly shopped pieces of happiness…

You can go all Beyonce on her and just twist and twirl as you like!

5. When the world just feels…blah!

Things are going wrong, the day is lousy, you had an argument with a colleague… Yada yada yada! Somehow she always knows the right things to say and with her by your side, soon everything starts to seem like a measly issue! “What the hell was I stressing about?” you suddenly wonder.

5 need your bestie

6. When you want to rant about your boss…

Or the weird auntie, the nosy uncle, the neighbor’s kid, your maid, your neighbor’s maid and even the dog who wouldn’t quit barking all through the night! She is such a sweetheart, she will listen to everything patiently while annotating at all the right places. Once you are done, she will give you a nice warm hug and treat you to cake! Can it get any better?

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7. When you want to talk about sex without being HAWWWed at and judged!

Like, seriously girls! Is there any girl out there who doesn’t want to talk about sex or doesn’t have any weird questions and hasn’t at least thought about certain experiments in bed?

7 need your bestie

8. When you are PMSing or just having random mood swings for no particular reason!

You don’t WANT to be with anyone else because she is the only one who can swing with you in those times!

9. When you want to ROFL! Literally!

No one can make you laugh like her and you know that! Once you are together, the most mundane things begin to sound funny and the both of you will be in stitches in no time! Now that’s what you call a stress buster!

9 need your bestie

10. When you need an unbiased, raw and completely honest reality check!

Whether you are being too moody, or throwing way too many tantrums, or being unbearably lazy – she is going to point it out to you even if it means hurting you momentarily! And later she may treat you to pies and pizza to make up for it. *angel ring over head*

11. When you just need to watch TV, binge eat, and just be!

And you can just lie together, say nothing for hours and that’s completely acceptable too! Oh… and farting and burping are just part of the deal, no awkwardness!

11 need your bestieLove to all the beautiful besties in our lives! What would we do without you?

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09 Jun 2016

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