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11 Times I Secretly Wish My Guy Bestie Was A Girl!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Sep 7, 2016
11 Times I Secretly Wish My Guy Bestie Was A Girl!


Guy besties are the absolute best, aren’t they? They give you a drama-free, low maintenance friendship that you can never get enough of! But don’t we all have those oh-so-typically girly moments when we wish our guy bestie was a girl? Well, I know I do! Not that I love him any less but here are 11 times I wish he could see things from a girl’s perspective… *sigh*

1. When I have my periods

The struggle is real, guys! When I am on my periods and I just need someone to tell me it’s okay to hate life and its injustices but my guy bestie goes, “Why is it such a big deal, anyway?” I am bound to throw a tantrum! The “no vagina, no opinion” rule should be taken more seriously! PLUS, when I get my periods unexpectedly and I can’t ask you for a pad – yea, that kinda sucks too.

1 guy bestie

2. When I go lingerie shopping

Although, I love dragging my guy bestie to a lingerie shop and seeing his face turn red with embarrassment (I don’t get why!), sometimes all I need is some honest lingerie opinion and no one can give it better than another female who knows the difference between padded, non-padded, wired, underwired, t-shirt bras, seamless, and so on.

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3. When we are out and I have to go to the loo

And I can’t ask you to come along and have a nice goss session in the ladies room because that will be plain weird!

3 guy bestie

4. When I am in the mood to click tons of selfies

I don’t get your aversion to selfies. Like for real, we’re just saving our precious memories for when we are not together… You’ll regret it someday!

5. When I want to watch The Notebook…again!

The look on your face when I suggest it, says it all. Star Wars and Harry Potter re-runs are my favourite too but somedays a girl just needs her rom-com and bucket of ice cream… Am I not right, ladies?

5 guy bestie

6. When I want to borrow a cute dress…

…but then I realize you don’t have any. Although, your sweatshirts and t-shirts work just fine too!

7. When I want to use a cutesy nickname

Yes, yes. I know you will disown me if I ever do that in public!

7 guy bestie

8. When I want two shades of the same lipstick

Here’s the dilemma – I go to a store and find two shades of the same lipstick that I absolutely have to have but I can’t buy them both so now I have to choose! If you were a girl then we could both buy one each and share them. A win-win situation. But here I am, still standing at the store, wondering which one to buy…

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9. When I start talking about my marriage plans

Listen. I have dreams too, okay? So what if I don’t have a groom yet. You can laugh about them but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a full album in my phone of wedding outfit ideas.

9 guy bestie

10. When I go beyond marriage plans

To what will happen after marriage and just need someone to completely freak out about in-laws and having children, especially having children!!! Your smirk at this point is really annoying!

11. When I want to crib about Men

When it comes to getting some real advice on boy trouble, you are my go-to man but when it comes to simply complaining and cribbing about the men in my life (including you, sometimes), I need another vajayjay blessed human to hand me those tissues and add “me too!” after every sentence.

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