24 CRAZY Thoughts We’ve Had While Waiting For Our Results!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
24 CRAZY Thoughts We’ve Had While Waiting For Our Results!


If there ever was one recurring nightmare common between the top student in class and the one who just managed to pass – it was exam results! All of us have lived through those dreadful, nail-biting moments spent waiting for our results to be announced – as if the idea of exams themselves were not scary enough! The waiting itself feels like the quiet before a storm! We take you back to those insane thoughts we’ve all had a day before our results are revealed…

1. *Wakes up at 11 a.m* Why have I woken up this early? What IS the point of a chutti really if I can’t even catch up on all the sleep I lost during exams, Maa…

2. Oh wait… EXAMS! OMG! My results are gonna be out tomorrow!!! Freaking.Out.Here … What’s gonna happen???

2 waiting for results

3. I bet Divya’s going to top the class though, just like every other year. Such a nerd!

4. It’s not fair how she not only gets to come first, but wins a medal for it AND chills in Goa after! Hey! I’d need Goa more to get over losing from her. No?

5. But then of course Divya WILL score more than me. Both her parents are doctors … it’s practically IN her genes! Don’t blame me, Dad!

5 waiting for results

6. I bet Sharmaji and his son wouldn’t rest easy either till they’ve rubbed salt to my wounds with their ‘kitne number ae, beta?’

7. Whatever! Weren’t Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropouts too? Who says you need great marks to be a millionaire? Well maybe I could … *Googles career options*

8. Hmm… perhaps I could just grow up to be a home-maker, read books and bake cakes…

8 waiting for results

9. *Gets off phone with BFF* Poor Roohi, Ritvik broke up with her right in the middle of the exams. If there is one person who deserves a medal for sitting through all three hours in the exam hall, it’s her!

10. Come to think of it, there is nothing I hate more than sitting for THREE hours straight for an exam. My poor wrist starts paining with all that writing!! *Stays on FB/Insta/Snapchat for another hour*

11. Just why are these examiners in such a hurry to announce results, anyway? Didn’t we just get done with our exams – a little breathing space, please?

11 waiting for results

12. Actually… why don’t they do away with exams all together? Imagine a world without exams – no kid would ever be discriminated against on the basis of the marks he/she scores!  Now that’s an ideal world situation!

13. Plus, the sheer number of subjects … how can anybody do the math for geography and policy, in chemistry???

14. I wish I could be a dog – eat, poop, sleep repeat! Ah!

14 waiting for results (1)

15. But at least once these results are out, I’ll be rid of all this drama and suspense…

16. But What IF I don’t pass?

17. No, shut up! That’s not really happening – I will pass! Maybe just not with good numbers. Wow, that’s encouraging. NOT.

17 waiting for results

18.  *Watsapp message reads “Forward this text to 10 people and your wish will come true”* – How can anybody believe in this crap?

19. *5 minutes later* It’s just free message to 12 people – can’t let a stupid message jinx my luck now!

20. I do have the worst luck possible though! What if my invigilator is in a bad, bad mood when it’s his turn to check my paper?

20 waiting for results

21. I’m glad they don’t have any negative marking though! The number of guesses I make in my paper otherwise … hehehe

22. I shouldn’t laugh so much, they say the more you laugh the more you cry, and I definitely don’t wanna cry tomorrow or…well… ever!!

23. Maybe I should load the website right now, be ready for the results first thing in the morning… oooh did i just read 50% off on Jabong? Oh.My.God! what cute shoes … *shops*

23 waiting for results

24. *Wakes up again in the middle of the night* Nooo! The results are gonna be out in a few hours. Too much pressure – I CAN’T TAKE IT!!

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