Feeling Foxy: This Viral Concealer Trick Will Change The Way You Apply Your Base

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Aug 6, 2020
Feeling Foxy: This Viral Concealer Trick Will Change The Way You Apply Your Base

We’ve all heard of the cat-eye trend, but have you come across the fox eye look that recently went viral on social media? For those who didn’t know, this beauty look has been inspired by a fox’s eye designed to give your face a lifted, elongated, and chiselled effect. And once you master this look, you’ll look like you got a facelift without actually spending all that money. 

Now, this look has given rise to the viral fox concealer hack and it’s all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest these days. Trust us, while you’re sitting at home and getting bored, you might as well try out this new way of applying concealer cause it’ll change the way you apply your base.  

A Step By Step Guide To Applying Fox Concealer

Step 1: Take your fav concealer and apply it to these areas:

  • Under the inner corner of the eyes
  • Under the outer corner of your eyes dragging it right up to the temples (yeah it feels weird but just do it, trust us.)
  • Around the sides of the nose
  • Under the sides of the nose
  • Under the lower lip line

Step 2: Blend in the concealer using a buffing brush or a makeup sponge to give the illusion of a facelift.

Step 4: Use a translucent setting powder to blend and set the concealer.

Step 5: Go ahead and finish the rest of your makeup and look like an Instagram beauty influencer.


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Featured Image: Instagram