#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Weird Beauty Trends That Went Viral This Year

#POPxoLucky2020: 20 Weird Beauty Trends That Went Viral This Year

Being a makeup connoisseur, I tend to spend a lot of my time double-tapping on Instagram, gawking at all the hot new makeup launches across the globe. Whether it's a new product launch by my favourite brand or a surprise flash sale, I know it all. And since I pretty much follow every type of beauty account out there, I have seen some pretty weird makeup trends that basically went viral simply because of how awesomely stupid they are! 

Thanks to the indubitable power of social media, we are not oblivious to the anatomy of makeup. Makeup is indeed an art but some people have taken that too seriously for our liking...and We. Just. Can't!

Would You Dare To Copy Any Of These Odd Viral Beauty Trends?

While we wish 2019 to end on a beautiful note, here are a few viral beauty trends that are still keeping us wide awake at night! Let's have a look, shall we?

Not So Delectable Nails

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What kind of cuisine do you like? 🍣🇯🇵 😋

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While I love food AND getting my nails done, food art on my nails? Eww!

Who came up with this trend? Why would anyone want their hands to look so bad? Isn't it gross? How will you 'handle' things?!

Weirdness Is In The (H)Air

Oh, no. Hell NO!

This spooky hair nail became a sensation on social media and I fail to understand why. It doesn't even look appealing, in fact, it looks really creepy...and dirrtyyy.

Talent Vase-ted

While we struggle to align our social plans with our good hair days, other people are busy doing crazier things, like putting an entire flower vase on their heads.

Behen, please!


Why Was This A Trend?

This, by far, has to be the worst beauty trend ever. Imagine all those measures we take to remove our nose hair, only to realize that you're a fool as #InternetPeople are putting false eyelashes inside their nostrils.

Chemkeele Boobs?!

Raise your hands if you hate wearing a bra. *Everyone raises their hands*

Raise your hands if you would rather put glitter chunks/sequins/rhinestones on your boobs than a bra. *Everyone stares at me like I'm crazy*

I'm not crazy but people who spend hours doing this, definitely are!

Our Lips Are...Bruised?

Call me crazy but I like my lipstick to remain, well on my lips. Imagine all the time we spend applying lip liner and then lipstick, now picture what your lips would look like if you kissed bae way too hard. Not a pretty picture, right?

Apparently it's a trend, guys. I'll just leave it here... 

Eyes And Chains...Ah, It Gives Us Pain

Eyes are the windows to the soul (maybe that's why people are putting chains on 'em?). Although experimenting with your makeup is always appreciated but you have to agree, this is taking things a bit too far.

Not A Fan Of This Furry Baby

This trend is making me a little uncomfortable. Sequins tak toh thik tha but sticking fur on your lips? Why? How would you eat your food or do anything in fact?

Swatching On Your Entire Hand? Now This Is Getting Out Of Hand

This trend is a crash course on how to waste your makeup 101!

Just swatch your makeup product entirely on the palm of your hand and get makeup everywhere!

All That Glitters Is Not Gold...It Can Be Somebody's Hair

This hairdo is pretty cool if you're not worried about getting glitter everywhere and casually losing a few hair strands. This Coachella-approved hairdo looks quite chill but not the best idea for your mane.

Highlight Me Rainbow?

Yes, what a wonderful time to be pride but it's another thing to colour your face in colours of the rainbow! While it may look unique but this trend was born to fade away, right?

90's Babies, Rejoice!

If you're a 90's baby, you know that the Bratz dolls were a rage back then. This creative trend took over Instagram and YouTube by storm, every beauty guru decided to give themselves the nostalgic, Bratz Doll makeover. Overlined pouty lips, bright, big eyes and snazzy clothes - are you a Bratz Doll fan?

The 100 Layers Of Bullshit

100 layers of nail polishes, 100 layers of foundation. 100 layers off mascara...the *hundred layer trend* become viral across every social media platform, with people coming up with their variations.

How much stuff do you have to let it go to waste like that?

Glitter On My Tongue?

Someone put glitter on their tongue. Others followed. Who wins the stupid contest? You decide!

Thank The Mighty Lord That This Trend Eventually 'Dyed'

Why shave your underarms when you can dye them?! I mean, that's what people were doing, just casually letting their underarms grow...only to colour them.

And if you think people are not that crazy, Miley Cyrus too was totally on-board when she debuted her hot pink underarm hair!

Eye Cannot Believe This!

First- please leave the brows alone! Secondly, umm...I actually don't know what to say!

I genuinely do not understand the craze around brows. Yes, they are probably the most important part about your face but can we leave them alone for a second? Use a brow pencil or a brow pomade but please, do not stick something on them. They will peel off what's remaining of your hair.

POPxo Tip: Apply olive or castor oil on your brows twice, daily and watch them become darker and bolder!

Freckle Me Not

Trigger warning: Trypophobia.

I can't even tell you how many levels of cringe I went through when I first saw this viral trend taking over social media. Freckles are cute but why would you put henna on your face? I cannot imagine the pungent smell. Like, why?

(Sun)Burn This Trend

Imagine going on a nice, relaxing holiday by the beach and getting sunburned. Your entire body in several shades of red. I know, painful!

But this sunburn makeup trend? Even more painful!

Makeup On My Nose

A girl twerking on my nose? But why?

We (Maybe) Heart This Trend?!

It definitely looks like artisanal art but why would you wanna waste your time perfecting this when you can simply just apply a flush of blush on your cheeks? Or use a heart blush, maybe?

Cute but excessive, IMO!

If I See This, Imma Lash Out At Ya!

"Are those spider legs...on your eyes?"

Imagine people coming up to you and asking that. Pretty scary, right? Now imagine people coating their lashes (or using extra eyelash extensions) to deliberately make your lashes look like spider legs!

The thing I fear the most, on my eyes????????? Thank you, next.

Everything Looks Great In Black...Unless It's A Highlighter

We use a highlighter to 'highlight' our best facial features (and sometimes to blind 'em haters), right? But some people have other intentions. Like using a black highlighter that's surely gonna do a fantastic job in ruining your makeup. Sure, it will make up for a great eyeshadow but would you wanna look like you got mugged on the street?!

Which one of these weird viral beauty trends do you want to try? Let us know!

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