Weirdest Beauty Trends That Took Over Your Instagram Feed In 2017!

Weirdest Beauty Trends That Took Over Your Instagram Feed In 2017!

Undoubtedly, every year is an experimental one but in 2017, Instagram opened its doors to some cringe-worthy trends. While countless selfies, food porn and make-up tutorials are some delights on the platform, the latest beauty trend additions are too weird, to say the least.

Honestly, we can expect trends like contouring to become a part of our make-up regime but fidget spinner nails? Umm… Not so much! We are still trying hard to get over nose lashes and the crystal lips trends, and the list can go on and on.

We absolutely don’t think 2016 was any different with the Cheetos hair trend and others that were just as unusual, innovative, captivating and slightly frightening for sure. But they’re fun. Crazy brow trends ruled this year BTW. Have a look at the weirdest beauty trends of 2017 which were more of a shock than a surprise to everyone!

1. Metallic Eye Paint


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With Christmas around the corner, some went all out with crazy festive beauty trends. While metallic eyeshadow looks great, and of course, some NYE party make-up inspiration is welcome...but this paint eyeshadow version might get you a lot of uninvited attention.  

2. Tinsel Eyelashes


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Hello, tinsel eyelashes! This trend introduced by @coolgirlswearmugler isn’t as weird, it’s actually pretty if carried off well. It’s easy to create. All you need is some glue, falsies and leftover decor from your Christmas tree. *Wink*

3. Brow Crown


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If you want to draw all the attention to your eyebrows, this is your trend. It’s more like a crown for your brows. The brow crown is the creation of Sofie Petersen – an Instagrammer who prefers to go bold.

4. Nostril Hair Extensions


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Nose hair extensions trend consists of adding fake eyelashes to your nostrils. It was started by an Instagram user @gret chen chen, and it went viral. While some were grossed out, others called it a coming-of-new-age trend.

5. Ponytail Brow


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Apparently, having a ponytail on your head isn’t enough, you gotta have it on your eyebrows too. Mary Jane, the talented make-up artist who is behind the photoshopped image said the edit is ironic, and she's just "getting tired of edited brows getting recognition". Well, unfortunately now this is also trending.

6. McDonald's Brow


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Huda Beauty’s McDonald's eyebrows are taking beauty trends to whole new level. Of course, the trend has received mixed reactions but coming from the make-up artist herself, it’s certainly catching on.

7. Feather Brows

You’ve centre parted your hair, do it for your eyebrow now! Trends like this and barbed brows are for brave hearts.

8. Christmas Tree Brows


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Go all out festive with Vlogger Taylor’s Christmas tree eyebrow trend. With gems being added to feather eyebrows, it seems like the festive spirit was taken to a whole new level, don't you think?