9 Things You’ll Get If You’re The Favourite Saali To Your Jiju!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
9 Things You’ll Get If You’re The Favourite Saali To Your Jiju!

Can we ever forget Poo with her “jeej” in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? I think KJo did a pretty good job at summing up the relationship that a saali shares with her jiju – and yet, there is so much more that makes this relationship a special one. Here are 9 things you’ll get if you’re the favourite saali too!

1. Your jiju is like the cooler version of an elder brother…

…Who is often more ready to hear out, agree and give in to your crazy ideas than your over-cautious brother!

2. You love how your dad can’t seem to say no to your jiju, for anything at all!

And you’ve learnt how to take full advantage of that – by getting your jiju to side with you, and take permissions on your behalf! Hello nightlife!

favourite saali

3. You kinda third-wheel with your sister and jiju to all the cool ‘adult’ places they go to…

But he never makes you feel like a bother. Instead he spoils you even more by getting you everything you ask for!

4. You look forward to him visiting you, all the time…

‘Coz he keeps joking all the time, and makes those boring family functions bearable. Plus your mom makes special meals when he’s home – and well that’s always fun! :p

favourite saali

5. He’s also your go-to person for any financial or technical advice…

And he’s better than your guy friends, ‘coz he always knows waaay more than they do.

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6. And you can always depend on him to get you the best birthday gift too…

Your sister’s choice and his set budget – can’t really go wrong there, right?!

favourite saali

7. Although when you first met him, you never really knew what you had done right to deserve all the attention and the gifts…

But slowly you realised that there were some perks of having dealt with your sister all your life after all! Also you quickly got used to all those gifts. 😛

8. And yet, what’s the one thing you absolutely love about him?

The way he looks at your sister and makes her so happy.

favourite saali

9. So, it’s kinda important for anyone who wants to be with you – to get your jiju’s clearance first…

‘Coz he’s seen you grow up and knows you super well – and you know that if he says yes for someone, rest assured, the guy will be a gem of a person.

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