9 Adorable Things About Having A Boyfriend Who’s Really Funny!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
9 Adorable Things About Having A Boyfriend Who’s Really Funny!


He knows just how to turn your frown upside down! There is hardly ever a bad day that can’t be turned into a fun one with his presence in your life. His wit and charm are hard to ignore and never fail to brighten up your day. If you’re dating a guy who is always funny, here are a few things you will definitely get!

1. You are almost always entertained!

Even when you’re slightly mad! You just can’t help it with all his goofy comments flying your way.

dating a funny guy

2. You can never be in a bad mood for too long…

It only ever lasts till you meet him. Then poof! It vanishes with the first joke that he cracks.

3. He is always the life of the party!

So even though you have to share him when you’re out together with friends, (because everyone wants to be in on that joke!) you’re a part of the “life” of the party! He is kind of your other half after all. 😉

dating a funny guy

4. You never really have to make an effort for him to get along with anyone you introduce him to!

Some well-timed humour later, they’re friends anyway.

5. He has on the rare occasion ended up offending someone in your circle. Oops!

But you don’t give him too much flack for it. They may not get it, but you understand that he has no bad intentions. He was just trying to make them laugh!

dating a funny guy

6. Thanks to him, even you end up making friends everywhere you go with him.

He’s like an ice-breaking machine!

7. Even making him meet your parents isn’t nearly as awkward!

He’s confident and has some charming, witty one-liners up his sleeve. ALWAYS!

dating a funny guy

8. He knows when to stop!

Yes, because he’s actually funny and not trying too hard to be, he knows when to be serious too! He very, very rarely crosses that line!

9. You’re not afraid to joke around and say completely bizarre things to him!

He doesn’t even mind being the centre of your joke. There are very few things that annoy him or freak him out!

dating a funny guy

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