10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Boobs… EVER!

Amrita PaulAmrita Paul  |  Jun 9, 2017
10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Boobs… EVER!


Even if we don’t admit it, ladies, our boobs are our cherished possessions. They help us catch the errant popcorn and look really flattering when our crush is eyeing us. Considering how much our boobs help to work things in our favour, here are 10 things you should never do to your boobs.

1. Wear the wrong size bra

Statistics say that only one out of four women manage to wear the correct size bra. A smaller size might make you look flattering but can also be deeply uncomfortable. It can restrict blood flow and cause the formation of scar tissue that can eventually lead to cancer.

1 never do to your boobs - girl in front of a mirror

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2. Leave those stray hair alone

We mean it. Because every time you tug at those sensitive follicles, you make the naturally thin skin much thicker. This will make the hair grow back faster and thicker, with a possibility of inflammation.

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3. Don’t get too naughty

We love to get frisky with our partners but a love bite can also be painful which could again lead to the formation of scar tissue. It can be potentially harmful – so don’t get too carried away!

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4. Stay away from piercings

You run the risk of getting infected with any piercing, but owing to the nipple’s close proximity to the lymphatic system means that the bacteria can find its way to your bloodstream even faster.

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5. And from excessive smoking

It is known that smoking is not good for your lungs. But for women who smoke regularly, the toxins seep into the skin and temper with the elastin, making your boobs saggy.

6. Put the bra on, ladies

Even for those of us who can easily step out without a bra, we shouldn’t. Especially during any kind of physical activity, it will only cause our assets to bounce around and form scar tissue which can be really painful.

7. Keep the duct tape away  

Resorting to using a duct tape while wearing a dress with a risky neckline is often an easy fix. But it can easily cause a nasty rash around your nipples and you could develop an allergy to these adhesives. Which can lead to an eczema breakout during future use.

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8. Botox can cause harm

Botox is a very accessible solution for women who want to perk up their pair. But research has shown that Botox does little to address sagging skin and can often make them droop.

9. Loving one more than the other

Statistically speaking, most women have one boob bigger than the other and that is no reason to fret, worry or go under the knife.

10. Don’t let them get dry

Because of the extremely thin skin, breasts are prone to develop itchy flakes and lose their elasticity. So remember to moisture every day with a cream or lotion, choose a product that comes with UV protection as well.  

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