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7 Things You Only Share with Your Best Friend!

A best friend is like a family member – sometimes even closer! She’s the only person who can see right through you, she knows all your secrets, and she does a wonderful job of keeping them. And that’s why there are a handful of things you’re only comfortable sharing with your bestie, and NO ONE else. Here’s what they are! (After reading this list, go give your bestie a tight hug!)  


1. Your Boyfriend Problems

best friend

While the rest of your pals might think your relationship is all hunky-dory, your bestie knows exactly what’s happening. She understands you, sympathizes with you, and gives you the best advice. She’s your guardian angel and probably one of the reasons why your man and you are still together.

2. Your “Stalk” List on Facebook

best friend

She may not personally know the girl you hate or the new guy you are crushing on, but she knows all about them without ever having to meet them. Yep, that’s right. The colour of their hair, their hobbies, what they do for a living, or even if they own a pet or not. Not that she needs to know about them, but the very fact that they’re important to you and your life is what she’s concerned about. We bet none of your other friends know you that closely!

3. What Gets Your Goat

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Your bestie knows exactly what ticks you off about a particular thing – and the best part, you don’t even have to mention a word to her! While you may pull off a tough act for the rest of the world, deep inside, your bestie will know what you’re going through. (That’s why they are called ‘besties’, you know!)

4. Family Problems

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When it comes to talking about one’s family issues, you probably wouldn’t share things with any random friend. However, there is one person who knows what goes on within the four walls of your home. That’s right – it’s your bestie! She’s willing to lend you a shoulder to cry on, hear each of your problems sans the “I told you so”, and support you through thick and thin.

5. All the Gossip Deets

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According to girl-code norms, juicy gossip is only shared with a trusted individual. And who better on earth to share it with than your bestie? Face it – no one’s going to be more excited than them when it comes to matters like these. So, boyfriend, if you thought you’re the only one she shares exclusive deets with, you’re highly mistaken. Besties are gossip friends for life! 🙂

6. Your Relationship History

best friend

Your favourite gal knows all about your hook-up, break up and fling history. She knows so much that she could actually write an entire book on it all! And what is wonderful is that even though she’s seen your ups and downs and you at your best and your worst, she hasn’t left your side.  She fills the void when you are single and holds you close when you go through a lovers’ spat. If people tell you the concept of soul mates is a myth, all you need to do is point to her to bust it!

7. Your Deepest Fears

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There’s only one person who knows about your phobias and your deepest, darkest fears. And yes, that happens to be your bestie. Whether you’re scared of heights, spiders or even commitment, she knows them all. However, in spite of knowing the things that give you the heebie-jeebies, she never uses them against you. Instead, she finds ways to help you overcome your fears. That’s what friends do!

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06 May 2016

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