15 Ways Schooldays Were SO Different From Life Today!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
15 Ways Schooldays Were SO Different From Life Today!

No matter how much we dreaded waking up in the mornings and heading to school, we all wish now that we could have those days back. They were simple, stress-free days! Here are a few things about school we will always miss!

1. Oh, the uniforms

No rushing around in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. You only have one option and you really can’t go wrong. Simple!

miss about school 1

2. Sneaking glances at your crush during assembly!

Something super exciting about sneakily looking at your crush while singing during assembly, no?

3. All the extracurriculars you actually had time for!

Some of us actually enjoy debating, singing, dancing and playing sports. No special time dedicated to just that in the real world now, is there?

4. Trying to bunk a class in a part of school far away from your classroom

Because you knew the place like the back of your hand. And if you decided not to be found, nobody could find you! No so in office, alas.

miss about school 4

5. Believe it or not, your teachers!

Because you realize now that they were basically superhuman to have that much patience and are the happiest to see you succeed.

6. Getting a “break” in the middle of your day

And actually getting to chill with your friends! Or just getting a substitute teacher and not doing anything for that whole class!

7. Knowing exactly where you belong

Everyone from the peon to the teachers and students knew you and you knew them! It was YOUR place.

miss about school 7

8. Sneaking in things that we weren’t allowed! 😛

From phones to iPods to cameras and more. We tried it all. Now we’re just allowed everything. Where’s the fun in that!?

9. SUPW or sports class

Because it was basically like a free period!

10. Birthdays in school!!

Being wished by that many people (and not on Facebook) has its own charm!

miss about school 10

11. Always getting done with your school day at the same time every day. Guaranteed.

No guarantees with office hours!

12. Actually having a room to go rest in when you aren’t feeling well!

Or just faking it because you need a nap.

13. The summer/ winter holidays!

Why can’t we get that for life?! Whyyyy?!

miss about school 13

14. Feeling super cool when you came first in something.

Because, unfortunately, not all of us can come first at life!

15. Spending unlimited time with your friends.

During classes, during break, during tutions and after! We could do that FOREVER!

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