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Breakup Ke Baad: We’ve All Done At Least 3 Of These Things!

Regardless of who dumps whom, handling a breakup is never easy. One could start obsessing over one’s ex! While there are some who choose to snap out of that phase and move on with their lives, some of us…need a little time! We bring you 12 things most of us end up doing after a breakup – we’re fairly certain you’ve done a few of these yourself!

1. Stalk Him On Social Media

Well, since we aren’t talking to him all the time any longer, we can at least keep up with what’s happening in his life! Hey, it’s just information-gathering – we miss him after all. (It’s quite normal, really. Just don’t do it EVERY single day, hour or minute!)

things we do after breakups

2. Flirt With Another Guy To Make Him Jealous

This one’s a classic. What better way of letting him know that it’s HIS loss?

3. Make Sure There’s Another Guy With You When There’s A Chance Of Bumping Into Him

You know that there’s a 99% chance of you bumping into him at that common friends’ party – that’s why you go prepared!

things we do after breakups

4. Change Your Display Picture To The One That Has You Looking Totally Awesome

Hey. He HAS to realize what he’s missing out on.

5. Drunk Text Him

Ugh, alcohol, stop taking control of my phone!!

things we do after breakups

6. Bitch About Him To Your Besties

Who better than they to help you ride this out?

7. Go On An Spontaneous Trip!

And then put up amazing pictures of your little vacay. It’s all about having fun – even without him!

things we do after breakups

8. Delete His Number From Your Phone And Block Him On Social Media

Because there’s only so much stalking you can do. Plus, all those new pics of him with some random girl… BARF.

9. Start Conversations With Every New Guy You Meet

No, it’s not always rebound. Sometimes we just need some…distraction!

10. Get A Complete Makeover

Whether it’s a new haircut or getting an entire wardrobe makeover – there’s this urge to start over on a clean And hey, it’s a really good idea!

11. Give In To That Friend Who’s Been Trying To Set You Up

What better time to explore what else the world has to offer?!

things we do after breakups

12. Shop Till You Drop

Retail therapy isn’t just a concept. It’s a universal truth. 😛

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05 May 2016

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