Oops, I Did It Again! 14 Things We ALL Need To Stop Buying

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
Oops, I Did It Again! 14 Things We ALL Need To Stop Buying


Ladies, let’s not deny it: the thought “Oh, how cute is that?” is often followed by “Of course, I need it!” when we’re on a shopping spree! We swipe the card and stuff our cupboards with things we may not use even twice! It’s high time we cut down on our impulsive shopping habits and be careful about where we spend that hard-earned money. Here are 14 things we are all guilty of wasting money on – and really shouldn’t!

1. Those pretty shoes that hurt

If they felt waaay too high or a bit too tight when you tried them on – they probably are and WILL stay so. Yes, they may look too pretty to leave behind at the store, but chances are they may never leave your shoe rack either – and really, what good is that?

wasting money 1

2. That dress you thought you’d wear when you lose a little weight

Here’s a better idea – why not let that dress inspire you to work out, instead of losing precious money over? Trust us, it’ll be waiting right there for you when you return. And if not exactly that one, then something better! 🙂

3. That top you bought without trying on first

That’s the thing about clothes – they look completely different from what you imagined they’d look like when you actually try them on! Ladies, buying without trying is a huge gamble – one we should all be wary of!

wasting money 3

4. Or the one that you picked up in the wrong size, because the right one wasn’t available

We know how difficult it is to find that one blouse you absolutely love that makes walking away from it difficult – but walk away you must if it isn’t in your size. Because there are a few things that even a little alteration can’t fix to perfection. Worry not, you will fall in love with another blouse – just keep looking!

5. That skirt you always fantasized about

It looked amazing on that actress you wish you could look like. But the thing is, it may not look good on you, OR it might be something totally impractical to wear in real life. Let’s just fuel our fantasies in our heads, and not stage them in our cupboards – they’re just too expensive!

wasting money 5

6. A new lip gloss?

Yup, it smells like strawberry (which is your absolute favourite ) – but you already have 5 others at home, right? Keep that back then, thank you.

7. That designer bag on sale

Promise yourself to never, ever lose control when you see your designer favourite on sale – and stop processing important stuff like your BUDGET! Ladies, despite “sales”, most of these items are way over affordable prices for the average folk. Plus, you’ll find your super-expensive designer stuff only worth flaunting on very, very special occasions. And even then, how repetitive can you get? Can’t carry the same thing to every shaadi!

wasting money 7

8. That trend that was totally in

Wait. Think it over. Yes, florals and fringes are everywhere and seem to look great on everyone – but do they flatter you? If not, there is no sense in stuffing your wardrobe with things that don’t suit you.

9. That gown you bought last-minute for a cousin’s wedding

Didn’t get time to shop for your cousin’s wedding and picked up the first thing that came your way? Yup, you spent good money in a hurry, and post that wedding that gown’s been lying around, useless, in a corner. Next time, maybe you should rush to a friend for help instead of rushing into that expensive store!

wasting money 9

10. Those shoes you bought in bulk because of a “great” deal the store offered

Too often, to make the most of a deal, we often end up buying stuff we do not really like, instead of picking up a single piece we would have loooved! Ladies  do NOT fall for these deals, for they are just sly schemes to get you to spend more than you need to.

11. That “favourite colour” fetish you get every once in a while…

Months when orange is your new black and you impulsively pick up EVERYTHING that comes in that one favourite color – yeah, you are soon going to outgrow it – especially if you start living in an all-orange world! Now that you’re over orange, what good use is it all?

wasting money 11

12. That lacy shirt you bought from the roadside stall because it was ONLY for 300 bucks!

Yeah, delicate and pretty when you bought it – dull and torn when you washed it! Not worth even 30 rupees now, right? You could have bought a quality shirt, with a few bucks more, and gotten way more wear out of it! Lesson learnt, we hope.

13. Buying and losing all the MANY hair things!

You think those cute, little hair things don’t hurt the pocket? Well, collectively speaking, your banana clips, rubber bands, bobby pins, hair clips, hair bands DO cost you a bomb! Ever wondered where all your change disappeared?! Yup, now you know.

wasting money 13

14. Another pair of blue jeans??

Zara, Mango, Promod – no matter what brand, blue jeans STAY blue jeans. Consider this a friendly intervention – and if you’re on your way to buy a fifth pair, please don’t. You don’t need it – and it’s not going to get its fair chance of being worn by you.

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