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Dear Boyfriend: Things We Should Totally Do When You Come Over!

Dear Boyfriend: Things We Should Totally Do When You Come Over!

Dear Boyfriend,

Whenever you call me up and tell me that you’re coming over, I jump with excitement! I love spending time and catching up with you. I want to know how your day went and I look forward to making it even better. From the time you ring that doorbell, be rest assured that you’re going to be pleasantly surprised! So love, here’s me penning down a few things I want to do when you come over…


Yours Forever,



1. Did someone say karaoke?

Yes, karaoke! We may not sound amazingly awesome, but what I’m sure of is that we’re going to have a great time. I love how when we’re together, our crazy and fun side comes out!

2. Cuddle and cuddle some more!

Whenever you hold me close to your heart, I feel safe. Lying in your arms is the happiest place to be in! It makes me feel one with you and most importantly, at peace.Things to do when your boyfriend comes over


3. Give you the BEST massage of your life!

I know after a long day at work you feel exhausted. That’s why you deserve a massage! Trust me, you’re going to enjoy yourself and feel relaxed at the end of it. Anything for you, love!

4. Watch a romantic movie with you

What better way to spend time than watch a romantic movie you? Sitting on the couch, munching on popcorn and holding hands right through the film is a day well spent. 🙂Things to do when your boyfriend comes over


5. Stay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing

Having you by my side makes me feel complete. We could have deep conversations, giggle on funny jokes or just relax and do nothing at all. Doesn’t that sound blissful already?!

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6. Dance with you like no one’s looking 😉

We have the house to ourselves – let’s dance like no one’s watching! Turn up the music and show off those crazy dance moves. We’re going to have the time of our lives!

Things to do when your boyfriend comes over


7. Let’s spice things up, shall we?

If you’re game, I would love to try experimenting! Probably make out in the shower, use ice or even try a sexy tip from a magazine. After all, spicing things up is what brings fun into the relationship, right?

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05 May 2016
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