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7 Things You Can Do Right NOW To Get Over Your Ex!

7 Things You Can Do Right NOW To Get Over Your Ex!

You broke up with someone you were emotionally involved with. It’s a big deal – we know. So allow yourself time to feel bad and wallow. Listen to all the sad songs you want and watch all the romantic movies you feel like. But you need to know when it’s time for that phase to end. Because it is only a phase – and it WILL pass, no matter how terrible things seem right now! But obsessing over what went wrong, stalking him on social media, or trying to date someone else to get over him doesn’t really help in the long run – it just makes you feel a bit weird and disoriented eventually. But while getting over an ex is not easy, it’s something that is definitely possible and NEEDS to be done – and it needs to be done the right way. Here are a few things you can do to get over your ex right NOW!

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1. Delete him off social media for a little while

If you don’t want to be the one taking this step, at least hide his updates on your newsfeed. Trust us, looking at what he’s doing on a daily basis will only make you feel worse about your breakup.

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2. Vent it out

Don’t keep all that frustration pent up inside. Vent. Talk to your friends or close ones about it – the important thing is to let it out of your system!

3. Indulge in the stuff you loved doing before you got into a relationship with him

Spend unlimited time with your girlfriends. Take an impromptu trip out of town. Read those books you’ve had stacked up for months. Binge-watch episodes of your favourite show! When you’re in a relationship, a large chunk of your time is spent with your significant other. Rediscover the things you couldn’t make time for!

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4. Get BUSY!

Don’t spend your time doing nothing. An idle mind has way more room to think! Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Get involved in a hobby, focus on your work. Give yourself a push and concentrate your energies in the right direction!

5. Focus on becoming a fitter, stronger you!

Join a gym, get a trainer, or just work out by yourself at home. Start concentrating on building a healthier, fitter self. It will energize and refresh both your mind and body, and make you feel better instantly!

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6. Stop talking to him on a daily basis

Don’t let him string you along, and don’t try and stretch the relationship. You ended it for a reason. Remember that and cut all communication for a while! At least until you know you’re over him for sure. Friendship can only come after!

7. Rediscover yourself beyond the parameters of a relationship

You’ve been single before, and happy when you were there. So think back to that stage of life, and remember what you loved then, what made you feel content and satisfied. Happiness comes from within – it’s only made greater or lesser by everyone and everything else, including a relationship. Remind yourself of your life goals, not just relationship ones – and learn to fall in love with yourself all over again!

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05 May 2016

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