Ghar Ka Khana! 12 Things We SO Miss When We’re Away From Home

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016


All of us wait for the big adventure when we actually get to live away from home. The thought of not needing permission for stuff and doing whatever we feel like is SO exciting – until we actually start living away and miss just about EVERYTHING about home! After all, with great freedom comes great responsibility – towards ourselves! If you’ve EVER lived away from home, you’re SO gonna get this post!

1. Ghar ka khana!

Because there is NO substitute for mom’s food. I want my phulkas FLUFFY, wnaaaa!

missing home 1

2. OMG, having to organize your cupboard every day – so you don’t have to fight with your clothes for bed space every night!

Who knew clothes could be so high maintenance, what with all their daily washing, drying, ironing needs! AND they have to be folded and stacked neatly in the cupboard! However did you handle them so well, Mom?

3. An automatically clean house

Messy living isn’t fun anymore, because you gotta clean it by yourself! Oooh, house party? Sure! But wait – WHOSE house?

missing home - 3

4. Bills? Taxes? Landlord… Where ARE you, Dad?!

I’m the master of my own life and house. My bills and chores are the master of me. *Wails*

5. Coming back home to PEOPLE

Yeah, solitude is great and all, but walking in EVERY time to an empty house gets kinda lonely. And eating alone is the WORST. Bro, never thought I’d admit it, but I miss fighting with you over the remote! Or who’s gonna eat which piece of chicken!

missing home - 5

6. Throwing temper tantrums to get your way

Getting moody, and being pampered to make you feel better – how can you NOT miss that?! I tried to throw a tantrum at my flatmate. She left the room. 🙁

7. Cousins! And all that “family function” drama!

Yep, those “get togethers” used to seem so boring, but now that you’re faaaar away from the free-flowing food and all that gossip, it feels so SAD! What? Rina Didi got engaged? I didn’t even know she was seeing someone!

missing home - 7

8. Your room, DUH

That one special corner where you go to be your own crazy self. You have space now, sure, but you can’t exactly get all cray-cray since you have to actually manage it too! Oh NO! How am I going to get that Pepsi stain off my bed sheet?!

9. And your hometown, obviously!

Those lanes and markets that you know every corner of, all those people who’ve seen you grow up, those addas you can only have with people who live there – everything gets you all teary-eyed! Haanji, uncle, exam pass ho gayi main!

missing home -9

10. Surprise treats!

Yes, somebody still gets you cake on your birthday, but that’s about it. That coming home to mutton korma, or finding that your mom’s decided you need new clothes and is taking you shopping…. SIGH!! I don’t want to walk all the way to the market to get ice cream! Someone ELSE should get it for me!

11. Being taken care of when you fall sick

Ugh, getting yourself to a doctor, remembering to take all meds on time, eating healthy… Mummmmmmy!

missing home 11

12. Being a “kid”

Yes, you have fun being independent and taking your own decisions – but YOU so miss being totally carefree and the baby of the family! Pleeeeeease aaj koi aur mera saara kaam kar do!

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