12 Things You’ll Get If Your Guy Is Completely Chilled Out!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016
12 Things You’ll Get If Your Guy Is Completely Chilled Out!


Dating is honestly a mixed bag of romantic gestures, silly misunderstandings, long conversations, sweet nothings, emotional fights, etc. But when you are dating a guy who is a complete chiller, what you get is more happy moments than sad ones. He not only makes your life a breeze, he gives you a sense of calm. Trust us, if you’ve got yourself a guy like that – hold on to him, you lucky thing, you!

1. You don’t have to worry if there’s a last minute change in plans.

He’ll just go along with whatever you’ve decided – and he won’t sulk about it!

dating a chilled out guy 1

2. His laidback vibe is so infectious, you are pretty certain you have become more chilled out too!

There are times you still get hyper (obvs!), but mostly life has a nice and easy pace.

dating a chilled out guy 2

3. Your boy is the kind that doesn’t hold on to little things.

So you guys had a little fight yesterday. Big deal, right? All couples fight at the end of the day! It’s so awesome that the two of you can just move on and not replay the whole thing for argument’s sake!

dating a chilled out guy 3

4. You’ve observed how others too admire his general vibe and way of life!

Does this sometimes make you jealous? Yeah, a little bit. Especially when the “others” admiring him are girls. But most times, you are so SO proud to call this guy your boyfriend!

dating a chilled out guy 4

5. Sometimes, he’s so chilled out that you feel he doesn’t care enough…

But over time you’ve understood that he has his own ways of showing his care and concern about you. And no, it does not involve him getting hyper or overly vocal!

dating a chilled out guy 5

6. He’s so non-judgemental… you wonder how he does it!

Okay, real talk time – most of us tend to be overly critical of ourselves and those around us. This can also lead to being a little judgemental. But then you learn from this wonderful guy who doesn’t really judge anyone. He has a very “to each his own” attitude and it’s something you are really trying to imbibe!

dating a chilled out guy 6

7. He doesn’t fixate on your ex.

He really doesn’t care or ask you questions about your ex or any other guys in your life. He knows you’ve had relationships before, but he believes that your past is not his business. You’re really grateful about his wonderful attitude!

dating a chilled out guy 7

8. He’s the right amount of protective

He isn’t one of those-over protective kinds who need to know where you are every minute of the day! You love that he’s so chilled and are happy to reciprocate in the same way.

dating a chilled out guy 8

9. You two barely ever argue!

Arguing about things and spending time on name-calling is really not his style. If he doesn’t like something, he just says it to you, plain and simple. You love this drama-free zone that your relationship has become.

dating a chilled out guy  9

10. In stressful situations, you seek his advice

There are times when your own brain isn’t working properly. But he has a knack of looking at the bigger picture and always knows what things in life are not worth stressing about. He’s your go-to person for life advice.

dating a chilled out guy 10

11. Saying “I told you so” is just not his style

Definitely one of the best parts of dating such a chilled-out guy! He never makes you feel like crap about your life choices and decisions.

dating a chilled out guy 11

12. If someone asks you two a question about your future together…

He never gets hyper or defensive about it. He does believe that if you two are meant to be, you’ll totally make it work. He doesn’t over-analyse your future, and that can be a very good thing. Take each day as it comes…something your boy has definitely taught you! 🙂

dating a chilled out guy 12

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