10 Things You Didn’t Know Are Affecting Your Libido And Sex Life!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Apr 11, 2019
10 Things You Didn’t Know Are Affecting Your Libido And Sex Life!


Experiencing a libido buster of late? You’re not alone, woman. Many couples go through this dry phase because of the kind of lives they live today. The reasons are obvious, but the truth is often a difficult pill to swallow. If you’ve been missing action lately, it’s probably because of these common factors. What are they, you ask? Read on to find out. 

1. You’re Sleep Deprived

When was the last time you had your beauty sleep? Hardly ever, right? Sorry lady, but if you are chronically sex-deprived, it’s going to affect your health and kill your sex drive. You see, lack of sleep lowers your estrogen levels and makes you perform poorly in between the sheets. You and your partner should ideally be getting 7-8 hours of sleep on the daily if you want the sex to get better.


2. Moody, Much?

If you’re not under your partner and constantly under the weather, you’re on your way to ‘no sex life’ island. Depression, if not given medical and psychological attention, could pull you away from your partner. Get those energy levels up by exercising more often. Put those negative thoughts and emotions to rest by joining a hobby class. 

3. You’re Poppin’ Too Many Pills

It’s not just birth control pills you need to take care of, it’s your medication too. In fact, any drug that affects your central nervous system is going to create a negative impact on your sex life. For the sake of your health and sex drive, loop in your doctor or gynaecologist. 

4. Sex Has Become A Routine

Remember when you two started dating how you couldn’t take your hands off each other?! Your relationship needs some spice again! Once sex becomes a routine, it loses its essence. You too need to switch up your sex life by changing your schedules. Instead of the bed, do it in the shower or on the couch or even in the closet – whatever kind of kink you need to keep the fire burning *wink* 


5. Stress Is Your New Best Friend

Listen, life, in general, is pretty stressful. We have bills to pay, stomachs to feed and work deadlines to meet. Stress is like the relationship most of us did not sign up for. Even though sex is a physical activity, you should be emotionally and mentally ready while doing it. A solution? A mini-moon vacation to the Maldives for two, please! 

6. You’ve Become Addicted To Your Cellphone

It’s weird how connected we all are to our phones lately. I mean, there are couples who chill on the same couch engrossed in their phones without saying a word to each other! Don’t make the mistake of inviting your phone to the bedroom with you. When making love, switch your phones off. No distractions equal to intense passion.  

7. You Haven’t Been Taking Care of Yourself

Winning his heart does not mean the game is over. No matter how long you two have been together, you can’t get too comfortable. Continue to shower yourself with self-love. Try a new hairstyle, paint your pout a bold lip colour and take yourself out shopping! You have to woo your man the same way you did when you met him for the first time.  

8. Both of You Have Unresolved Issues

You can’t get that energy into the bedroom by all means! You either sort it out with him on the day itself or the next day. You can’t NOT talk about it for two weeks and expect the problem to get solved by itself. Communication is the key. Also, make love, don’t fight.  


9. You’re Looking For Love Elsewhere

Why stay with someone when you clearly have feelings for someone else? You can hide it with words, but not during sex. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than bad sex. Also, no one deserves unrequited love.  

10. Drinking & Smoking Are A Deadly Combo

Once in a while, it’s all cool, but don’t make it a habit. Drinking and smoking bring down your libido. Plus, it’s bad for health and your teeth! You don’t want to have perpetually bad breath when you’re making out with your partner, right?

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