#DesiDrama: 13 Things EVERY Girl With A Boyfriend Has Heard!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


You’re a young Indian girl and you have a boyfriend? *Gasp* As much as our society has advanced, it’s not SO MUCH of a taboo to be “dating” before marriage – but we are not quite sure Indian uncles and aunties (and anyone else who finds out that you have a “relationship”) exactly get the concept of dating! This gives birth to a whole host of comments we have to hear. Love them or hate them, you most certainly can’t ignore them. Our suggestion? Just laugh at all the things you can’t control and swagger on!

1. “Oh! Your FRIEND is here…how nice!”

When your boyfriend comes over to your house to hang out and your mom’s around!

boyfriend in India

2. “Beta, ghar kiske saath aayi?’’

Everytime he comes to drop you home, you have to quickly get off a kilometre away, in a secluded spot. Away from the rude, nosy stares of neighbourhood auntyjis, who might just tell on you!

3. “Aap dono ki jodi salamat rahe. Bhagwaan kare aapki shaadi ho jaye.”

All those little kids across the street, who jump at you at EVERY traffic signal, trying to make some money off embarrassing you! They just won’t stop wishing you marriage and kids till you pay them off to leave you alone.

boyfriend in India

4. “Itni raat ko kiska phone tha?”

When suddenly your dad walks into your room and just like that, Akash becomes Akanksha, your college friend who called to discuss that English assignment due tomorrow (Phew!)

5. “Aap log couple ho? Acchha, toh corner seat le lo – last row waala…”

The cinema counter man who thinks he has your relationship all sussed out!

boyfriend in India

6. “Oh, so this must be one of your childhood/ family friends… hai na, bacche?”

That auntyji who just doesn’t want to catch herself up to this side of the century and really needs to believe that “premarital relations” do not occur!

7. “How long have you two been together?” “Three months.”“Acchha, toh shaadi kab kar rahe ho?”

The uncle whom we can all thank for kickstarting the “Where’s this relationship going?” conversation for us!

boyfriend in India

8. Before the age of 18: “This is not what is done in our family!” After the age of 21: “So, bete, when have you two decided to get married?!”

How most parents react to the idea of their child having a significant other!

9. “Chalo, ghar jao. Yeh sab humari desh mein nahin hota hai!”

That police officer who has caught you and your bae having a cheeky make-out sesh, one too many times!

boyfriend in India

10. Aunty X: “Vo kaun tha, bete?” “Dost tha, aunty.” “Tera toh boyfriend koi aur nahi tha? Voh lambi gaadi waala?”

That aunty who ran out of serials to watch and has now decided to sit on her balcony at night and use your life as her own personal source of entertainment.

11. “Aur beta, aaj kahaan ghoomne jaa rahe ho? Tumhara dost ghar aane waala hi hoga tumhe lene, nahin?”

Your (albeit modern) daadi who makes you think about old-school courting techniques. Sigh, we kind of want this one to be true!

boyfriend in India

12. “If you don’t get me back the biggest box of chocolates they have in the mall, I swear I’ll tell maa. I mean it this time!”

That annoying little sister who thinks she has the biggest ace up her sleeve. And considering she always gets her chocolates, she actually does.

13. “Oh, I remember when I was your age – we also used to go around with many people, mast!”

That “hep” uncle who can’t help but reminisce every time he sees you and your boyfriend hanging out somewhere!


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