10 Things Every Single Woman Hears As Soon As She Turns 30!

Pradipta SarkarPradipta Sarkar  |  May 6, 2016

There comes a watershed point in every girl’s life – and that’s the big three-oh. Because, you know, Indian society would (still!) have us believe that 30+ is the wrong side of 30. It’s the age when you step over the line from “youth” to  “maturity”. In the case of the single woman, of course, it means you’re transitioning from “young thing” to “on the shelf”, with absolutely nothing in between. Your 30th birthday brings with it not only dessert that’s more candles than cake but also a horde of “well-wishers” who are really, really worried about you! And here’s what they have to say…

1. That there is something seriously wrong. With you.

No, Rina Mausi, I swear I don’t have an infectious disease! No, not even B.O.

single at 30 1

2. That you really aren’t dressing right!

What? You think my bodycon mini is responsible for my dire straits? Why didn’t you tell me before?!

single at 30 2

3. That it’s high time you got those greys dyed

And do further damage to my rapidly thinning hair? I don’t think so.

single at 30 3

4. That you should get a more “relaxed” job

Yes, sure. Why don’t I just give up on my career and GO HOME, right?

single at 30 4

5. That you need to think about your parents

I do. Constantly. About the fact that they tell me how proud they are of me.

single at 30 5

6. That you really should quit those bad habits

You mean this glass of whisky in my hand ain’t doing it for you?

single at 30 6

7. That those rishtas are going to dry up soon…

Thank goodness! Will save my parents the awkwardness of trying to explain to people that they’d rather I choose a partner than force random mundas down my throat.

single at 30 7

8. That it’s time to settle down

You mean: time to lower my standards and “settle”, right?

single at 30 8

9. That you have to think about long-term financial security

Should I be prepping for a divorce with a big, fat alimony cheque already?

single at 30 9

10. That your biological clock is ticking

Tick-tock-tick-tock! Yes, I hear it too – it’s telling me to end this conversation and get the hell out of here right NOW.

single at 30 10

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