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“I’m Telling Mom!” 16 Things EVERY Younger Sibling Will Get!

As much as all you older siblings out there may think we have it good, being the baby of the family isn’t always easy! Yes, yes, we’ve told on you many a time and gotten you in trouble with the parents – but hey, you too have your fair share of moments, where you’ve basically tormented and bullied for most of the first decade of our lives! Here are 16 things about being a younger sibling that you will totally get if you are one!

1. Having to deal with periodic shocks about being the adopted child!

Yup, this was basically part of your Happy Birthday routine – pretty much every year!

2. Being the designated guinea pig whenever your older sibling wanted to rock a new look or hairstyle!

We’re sure you remember all too well how those scissors would somehow always come flying in your direction!

siblings hairstyle


3. More so, you were basically a second class citizen in your own home and this was made clear each time your older sibling had friends over, was baby-sitting you or just wanted control of the remote!

You have TV to watch too, dammit!

4. On the upside, you always had a ready supply of hand-me-downs that you got REALLY GOOD at rocking at parties!

Colour me vintage, baby!

siblings hand me downs

5. But unfortunately, you were also constantly compared to your older sibling, whether at home or even at school!

“Oh! You only got 10 out of 20 in your spellings? Your brother was always so good at English.”


6. Family gatherings might as well have been a just an excuse for a cheek-pulling marathon, and endless teasing!

You have embarrassing stories about other people too! Why don’t we hear some of those for a change?!

siblings pulling cheeks

7. Still, you knew could always win fights with your older brother or sister simply by bursting into tears!

You really knew how to play the sympathy card. And your sibling hated being scolded with the words: “She’s only little! You should know better, how can you tease her!!” Tee-hee!

8. The lies, oh the absolute lies you were made to believe at the hands of your older siblings!

Sometimes you STILL have to check what’s under your bed before getting a decent night of sleep!


siblings monsters

9. BTW, being the LAST one in the whole family to be let in on the whole “Santa and tooth fairies aren’t real” thing really wasn’t cool!


10. You will forever be “player number 2’, on the video game, board game, yup, basically everywhere!!

This is fact!

siblings video games


11. The phrase “calling shotgun” meant nothing to you because the back seat of the car is where you were always seated.

And sometimes it was not even by the window, but the middle of the back seat! Sigh! You kind of got used to this one a long time ago …

12. Then again, at least life’s a little bit easier for you at home!

Given that your older sibling has already paved the way for going out for parties at night, sleeping over at friends’ houses, having a boyfriend or girlfriend, etc. Yes, you really do have them to thank for fighting those fights!

siblings thank you

13. Plus, you learnt a lot from the lies they told mom and dad…

… And can now execute yours to perfection!


14 . You also know how to work that “But I’m a baby” look into most conversations that are about to get you into trouble!

Being the baby is ALL YOU HAVE!

siblings baby

15. Whatever said and done, though, you know what it’s like to have a constant companion at home!

Even when they annoy you, it’s nice to have someone there to form a union against the parents!

16.  And most of all… from the day you were born, you have known what it’s like to have a guardian angel who truly has your back!

After all, you’d do the same for them! 🙂


siblings last

GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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