19 Things a Single Girl Worries about When Meeting a Guy She Likes for Drinks

Pradipta SarkarPradipta Sarkar  |  May 6, 2016

It could be a colleague, a friend of a friend – anyone, really. But if a guy you haven’t spent much alone-time with (but are definitely attracted to) asks to meet up for drinks, it can get a little confusing. Coffee and lunch are easy – he wants to be pals. If it’s dinner or a movie, things are simple then too – established dating norms. But drinks are dicey – because, for all you know, the potential situations that you’re envisaging are only in your head, and he just wants to catch up with no sexual/romantic undertones in mind. These are the things we worry about when it happens – what about you?

1. Is it a date? Or is it just drinks? What if we also have food? Even if it’s not a date, will it count as one if we hook up?

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2. Am I overdressed? Does it look like I’m making too much of an effort? Should I ditch the heels? But they make my legs look so good!

3. Should I shave my legs? Or am I tempting fate?

4. How can I work this into a conversation with the ex and make him feel jealous?

single girl point 9

5. Why does he want to meet up now? Why not last month? What’s going on? Gah. I guess I’ll find out.

6. Damn, what did we talk about the last time we met?

7. There’s a spark. Definitely.

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8. Er, is the spark there only because I’ve never hung out solo with him before? What if it disappears the moment we start talking about regular stuff?

9. OMG, I know NOTHING about him. Should I stalk him on Facebook for a bit?

10. Hmm, he hangs out with some really good-looking girls. Is that his sister or his friend? Is that his girlfriend? Is he even single?!

11. Eww, super-drunk pictures! Oh, they’re from five years ago, thank goodness.

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12. I hope I don’t drool on him.

13. Should I ask him to pick me up, or should I meet him there?

14. If he drops me home, should I invite him up for a nightcap? Will that make me sound like a sot? What about tea? Should I clean up the house a bit?

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15. If he invites me home afterwards, should I say yes? Am I being easy, or just carpe diem?

16. If we hook up, his place or mine? Do I want him in my house if it’s going to be only a one-night stand? Do I want to be stranded in his house in the middle of the night in case things get weird?

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17. I have to be at work at 8 tomorrow – will it be a good idea to hook up at all?

18. Have I just jinxed it totally by thinking about hooking up so many times? It’s never gonna happen now, is it?

19. Is it a date?

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The one thing to remember, ladies, is that it all falls into place once you’ve actually met up. If something happens, it does; if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. Nothing else matters. 🙂

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