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The Brow Show: The Wackiest Ways People Are Styling Their Eyebrows

The Brow Show: The Wackiest Ways People Are Styling Their Eyebrows

If you thought Kendall Jenner’s Met Gala brows were statement-making, imagine arch-free brows descending upon the forehead in all of their fiery-red glory—or faux-shaped razor-thin brows from the 90s making a comeback. A couple of influencers are redefining the concept of self-expression through beauty—and they’re doing it through their brows. For them, makeup isn’t governed by rules—or restricted to what’s conventional or trending.

How Influencers Are Revamping Their Brows On Instagram

Roaring Red

Eyebrows concealed, and reangled upward to create an unwavering line in place of an arch—and one of them bleached red to compliment a fiery-red cat-eye extending beyond the brows. This is quite the aesthetic. If you play by the rules, this look does the opposite—with different iterations of the cat-eye gracing both sides, and an outline of black circling the lips.

Rainbow Renegade

Just the idea of brows that glow—it’s insane. Notice how one colour transitions to the other seamlessly, and compliments her psychedelic under-eyes, dottings of white across the face, and multi-coloured tresses. This look pushes the envelope in every way.

Razor Rage

It’s official—razor-thin brows are back. Now—you might have seen the likes of Bella Hadid sport this trend, but this one doesn’t involve tweezing or plucking. With her O.G brows bleached a shade of pink, Jacinda has drawn a set of ultra-thin temporaries above them, and drenched both of her lids in swirls of colour, and clusters of rhinestones and piercings.

Hot Dots

Princess’ colour-packed lids are juxtaposed by circles of black, set against a backdrop of pink, planted along the length of her less-than-conspicuous brows. Her lashes are longer than ever, and dottings of black drip down from her eyes onto her cheekbones dramatically.

Pretty Pearls

The simplest way to dress your brows is by lining them with rhinestones—this look attests to that. Characterised by longer-than-ever falsies, a bold cat-eye punctuated by pops of pink, and even more rhinestones, this one’s extra, bright, and playful in every way.

A smattering of pearly-white gems defines this look—from clustering the lashes to sprouting out from the bridge of the nose to the forehead, this fairy-like aesthetic is epitomised by bleached brows drowning in streaks of green draped across them.

Which one did you like best?

Featured images: Instagram

10 Jun 2022

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