The Skinny Brows Trend From The ’90s Is Back & We Don’t Know How To Feel About It

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Dec 6, 2021
The Skinny Brows Trend From The ’90s Is Back & We Don’t Know How To Feel About It


If you scroll through your Instagram explore page, it’s evident that ‘90s beauty trends have taken over with a rise in popularity of scrunchies, high ponytails, and frosty makeup. While there are some trends that we love to lean into, like claw clips and brown lipsticks, there are others that give us cringe-worthy flashbacks. Children of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s, beware. What we are about to say may be deeply upsetting- thin eyebrows are back. Yes, you read that right and one celeb who is totally on board is Bella Hadid.

However, this is not exactly the ‘90s eyebrow your mind automatically comes to when we say skinny brows. This one is a more realistic and softer approach to a defined, sculpted brow. But before you start panicking or plucking, we’d like to make a case for faking the look without destroying your natural brows. If you want to temporarily fake the look of thin brows without taking the plunge and tweezing away those full brows you’ve finally grown over the last few years, we have a makeup hack for you. As thin, ’90s-inspired brows are hogging the spotlight, we’re breaking down how to fake the look without tweezing a single hair.

Here’s How You Can Try The Trend Without Tweezing A Single Hair

Step 1: Comb Up Your Brows, And Trim

If you’ve all of your quarantine days growing your eyebrows out or have naturally fuller and thicker brows, don’t reach for the tweezers. Instead, grab your scissors. All you have to do is brush your brows up and out,  trimming off any extra length at the top of your brows. This will help take out some of the density, making your brows feel a lot lighter and giving them a thin-brow effect. Tweezing leads to damage to the hair follicle which in turn reduces your brow growth. Trimming, on the other hand, doesn’t alter regrowth down the road.

Step 2: Fill In The Tops Of Your Eyebrows

Once you’ve trimmed your brows, it’s time to fill in the shape, but only from the top of the brow. Keep in mind that you don’t need to darken or fill in the base of your brows as it will only bring the appearance of your brow down. In addition to filling it from the top, also add a tiny bit of length to the end of your brow, straight out to your temple. 

Step 3: Set The Hairs Using A Brow Gel

Next, grab your brow. For this step, opt for a lighter shade as it will make the brows look more natural and less impactful. It’ll sit back a little more instead of taking the center stage. It also gives the effect of what a thin brow is: minimising the brow. Look for a brow product with a range of shades so you can pick the right one for you.

Step 4: Highlight!

Combing the gel through your brow hair is technically the last step. However, if you really wish to commit to the thin-brow look, you are going to want to grab some concealer and highlighter to give your brows a lifted look. It will help add crisper, definition, arch, and lift without tweezing any hair. It works well to open up the eye by pushing the arch up. Opt for a cream formula as they tend to cover the hairs underneath, as opposed to powder highlighters. Alternatively, you can use a concealer to carve them out a little slimmer. 

Thou brow shalt stay on fleek!

Featured Image: Instagram