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10 Celebrities Who Bleached Their Brows—And How Can You Do It Too

10 Celebrities Who Bleached Their Brows—And How Can You Do It Too

There’s a trend going around on the Internet that’s revolutionising the way we style our eyebrows, and it seems to have struck a chord with celebrities. No—we’re not referring to the razor-thin brows of the 90s (which, eventually, descended upon the forehead in brushed-out and thicker-than-ever iterations, and is now staging a return after years of being shunned). This concerns another trend—one that Kendall Jenner spotlighted on the steps of the Met Gala a few days ago (enter visuals of fanned-out eyebrows drenched in bleach so they span the face inconspicuously.) We’re talking about the rebel-brow: in other words, bleached brows. A trend that radically transforms your face. And if Cara Delevingne, known for her very obvious brows, jumped in on the bandwagon as early as 2013, you know there’s something to it.

10 Celebrities Who Have Bleached Their Brows

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner cemented this trend as legitimate the second she sashayed down the Met Gala carpet with a set of barely-there brows that contrasted her all-black aesthetic. The 26-year-old model has sported razor-thin brows in the past, and has managed to add yet another transformation to her look-book. Even though she’s dabbled in this trend twice or thrice, nothing beats this look.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s pencil-thin brows were a mainstay back when she was younger, and even though they’ve evolved into thicker versions now, she doesn’t limit them to their jet-black glory. In one of her SKIMS photoshoot, the billionaire married her blonde ‘do with blonde brows. She returned them to their O.G colour after, but this one definitely put the trend on the map. Even the 2016 Met Gala witnessed Kim transition her brows from black to blonde.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s looks are ambitious. The American singer hasn’t just dominated the industry with back-to-back hits. She has experimented with looks that have pushed the envelope, and redefined the concept of self-expression (throwback to her 2019 Met Gala look). And this penchant for expression has migrated to her brows as well—over the years, she has complemented blonde, black and pink hairdos with a set of beach-blonde brows. And if we know her well enough, this one’s not her last.

Katy Perry

Though Katy chose to bleach her brows back to their O.G colour after her appearance on American Idol, she pulled this look off like an absolute…pixie. She’s not new to the trend. Met Gala 2016 was when she complemented her blue-speckled lids with lighter-than-ever brows for the first time.


Lizzo could do just about anything, and we’d find it cool. The Rumors singer debuted beach-blonde brows back in 2021, and married the look with a pixie haircut. Her brows remained unchanged as her hair went from blonde to pink to black in quick succession. And somewhere in between, she dyed her eyebrows a shade of pink. That’s Lizzo for you.


While Rihanna stunned us by channeling the Pope at Met Gala 2017, there was a boundary-pushing element that we seemed to have overlooked thanks to the all-consuming ensemble she displayed on the carpet. RiRi chose to forgo her jet-black eyebrows, and tied the look together with a lighter pair of brows instead.

Bella Hadid

Bella can pull off just about anything. And that includes a set of razor-thin brows lightened to invisibility. The American model’s power-packed strides for Haider Ackman’s show in 2021 were accompanied by a teased-up ‘do defined by throat-cutting bangs draped across the upper-half of the forehead, and the most inconspicuous set of eyebrows.

Gigi Hadid

The older Hadid sister had debuted this trend back in 2019, and, clearly, slayed.

Maisie Williams

Seems like the Met Gala is a hot-spot for the trend. Game Of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, otherwise known for her very conspicuous, thick, jet-black brows, dabbled in a little bit of bleaching in 2021.


If your face is as sculpted as Halsey’s, you can do justice to just about any look. The Without You singer displayed almost-white brows back in early 2021. Even though she’d created the look with makeup, it counts anyway!

How To Bleach Your Eyebrows Safely

Before you DIY this trend, you must keep in mind a couple of pointers. If your skin has scrapes, wounds, or cuts, do not attempt at bleaching your brows. This process of lightening the hair is irritating to the skin by nature—a burn or reaction is warranted if your skin is wounded. Make sure you’re doing a patch-test on the inside of your arms—if you experience no reaction for about 72 hours after application, you can proceed to apply bleach on the face. If your brows are laminated, bleaching isn’t recommended.

The process of bleaching your brows is much like bleaching the hair on your face. Cleanse and dry your face at the sink, and apply a barrier cream or Vaseline to the the skin around your brows for protection. Ensure you’re not getting any on your brows. It’s advised to not bleach after a hot or steamy shower as this renders your skin sensitive to the bleach. You’ll need a standard crème bleach for the process. Since you don’t want to go too light in the first attempt, you can mix your powder and cream in minimal proportions. Apply the cream to your brows with cotton. Once you’ve let the cream sit on your face for about 10 minutes, wipe it off with a wet washcloth before washing it off thoroughly. The darker your brows, the more time the bleach needs to lighten the hair.

If you begin to feel too much irritation during the process, wipe the bleach off immediately. If your brows aren’t as light as you would have liked, and the bleach hasn’t irritated your skin or caused any reactions, you can try this once more. Avoid applying any products to the recently bleached area for about a day to prevent hurting the skin.

And that’s it. You’re sporting a very cool trend by the end of it.

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05 May 2022

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