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The 7 Stages of Lust – Which One Are YOU At?

If you’ve met a man who makes you sigh with desire, and you’re fairly certain you’re going to be getting into bed with him soon (if you haven’t done so already), there are certain things that are almost inevitable. We bring you the stages of lust every couple goes through – which one are you at?


Stage 1: There’s a Spark!

This is when you realize that the guy you just met – or have known forever and just rediscovered – there is chemistry with him. It is the phase of brain-numbing, spine-tingling, unmentionables-quivering excitement. When this guy has suddenly moved to the top of your “To Do” list – pushing even Ryan Gosling down a step or two. He (your guy, not Gosling) is probably experiencing the same thing.

stages of lust 1

Stage 2: Have You Read My Sext?

By now, you’ve established communications – and in the sexual context. You’ve been talking frequently, conversations are full of double meanings and strong hints, you’re really looking forward to “meeting” – read: “mating” ­- up soon. (Make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes while you’re flirting with each other, though – they can prove to be a bit of a dampener!)

stages of lust 2

Stage 3: Let’s DO This

You’re both on board with getting down and dirty. You’re meeting frequently, and you can barely keep your hands off each other. All the judginess you felt before about couples engaging in PDA, you can’t even remember what you were so bothered about before – sucking face is THE thing to do. Your priority right now: how to get each other’s pants off; for all you care, the rest of the world can go fornicate itself.

stages of lust 3

Stage 4: Mmm, This Feels So Good…

You can’t get over how amazing it is, and how much you guys want each other. It’s the honeymoon phase of your activities – it’s pretty awesome, and it keeps getting better because the more you do it the better you get at it. Practice makes perfect – you finally know what that means. You’ve also begun to care about the world a bit more – you want everyone to be getting as much…satisfaction as you are!

stages of lust 4

Stage 5: It’s Time for Something Different!

You’ve done all the regular stuff. And while you love doing it that way, you’re beginning to wonder if the time has come to amp it up a bit. Your deepest, darkest fantasies – you’re ready to share them with your partner. Role playing, fantasies – these are things you’re keen on trying out and are comfortable enough with your partner to bring up. And you’re pretty sure that the two of you could kink it up to maximum effect – experimenting is almost synonymous with keeping it interesting, after all.

stages of lust 5

Stage 6: It’s All Good

You’ve settled into a routine. There’s a pattern when it comes to how often you have sex, and the kind of sex you have – whether it’s vanilla or kinky, you pretty much know how the next time’s going to be. And that, by the way, is abso-bloody-lutely amazing. Your partner needs no guidance when you want a change of pace, and can switch it up or take it fast or slow based on your slightest moves – and you can understand the same things for him. You guys can depend on each other to fulfil your needs and make it the best that it can be.

stages of lust 6

Stage 7: It’s (Probably) Not Just Lust

If you’ve read this whole list through, and you agree with all of this, then, ladies, it’s time to accept that you might just have met the man of your wet dreams. But whether he’s Mr Right for you outside of the bedroom too – well, we leave that for you to think about…

stages of lust 7

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06 May 2016

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