#BreakUp: The 7 Stages of Grief Every Girl Goes Through

Lavanya MohanLavanya Mohan  |  May 6, 2016

Irrespective of who broke up with whom, or for what reason, a breakup is a pretty big deal. Because it means that something which was once really important to you is now gone. Here are the 7 stages of grief we all  go through after breaking up with a significant other.

Stage 1: “I can’t believe it!”

The first stage of grief that comes right after the breakup, where you are left wondering, “Did that ACTUALLY happen? Am I single now?!”

stages of grief after a breakup 1

Stage 2: “Oh no, my life is changing”

So the two of you may not have been compatible after all, but the first changes that hit you are always the small things. No more “Good morning, sweetheart!” texts if you’re apart, and if you’d been living together, no cuddles in the morning! Ugh.

stages of grief after a breakup 2

Stage 3: “Delete, delete, delete!”

When you decide that you need to get rid of all the things that remind you of him! But deleting those seven million couple-selfies you have together isn’t as hard as giving away his super-comfy T-shirts. 🙁

stages of grief after a breakup 3

Stage 4: “Uh-oh, I gotta change my FB relationship status now”

You know it’s really happening when it’s on Facebook! The social media update is the worst because now everyone knows that it didn’t work out, and you’re bound to get a hundred “What happened?” messages in your inbox.

stages of grief after a breakup 4

Stage 5: “Let’s unleash the stalker within”

Now that you don’t have any plans for most of your evenings, you just sit at home and stalk him. Seriously, who is that girl? What’s the deal anyway? How could he move on like that?

stages of grief after a breakup 5

Stage 6: “I will PARTY, or die trying”

When your girlfriends decide you’ve mourned your break-up enough and take you out for some serious partying! Does it feel good to get out, or what?

stages of grief after a breakup 6

Stage 7: “Fiiiiiine, maybe I should just move on”

Finally, you realize that the breakup was for the best, that you’re better off without him, that it’s not the end of the world. And who knows? Maybe something really special is just around the corner! 😉

stages of grief after a breakup 7

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