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#BeautySecrets: Team POPxo Tell You Their Fave Beauty Tricks

Truth be told, our POPxo team is willing to go to the moon and back for our lovely readers, but when it comes to sharing our own beauty tricks, we prefer to keep it a secret. But today, we’re going to bend the rules. Yes, ladies, we got our team to spill their top beauty secrets to you – only ’coz we love you so much! So go on and have a look at what keeps our gorgeous team looking as good as they do.


Gopika E.M, Social Media Coordinator

beauty tricks

Being very particular about my skin, I hardly rely on cosmetic products. Instead I create my own homemade products, especially the face mask! To remove the dead skin cells and give my face a fresh glow, I mix the juice of half a lime, 2 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of sugar crystals, and gently rub it on my face and neck for 3 minutes, and keep it on for an additional 4-5 minutes. Then wash the pack off with rose water, and I’m done! It’s one of the best home remedies I have come across and I totally swear by it.

Lamya Bhatri Ebrahim, Creative Director

beauty tricks

I get terribly lazy with my skincare routine. And that’s why I’ve figured out the best uses of baby products in the last two years. I borrow my son’s baby cream and mix in a bit of shimmer powder to rub on my legs when I’m wearing a dress or shorts. To take off my mascara, I use baby oil and wipe it off with baby wipes. Takes all the goop right out! Diaper rash cream is great for bumps and bites and gentle on the skin since its made for babies.

Pradipta Sarkar, Associate Editor

beauty tricks

A brown and gold eyeshadow palette is the most multipurpose beauty item in my bag – there are several quick fixes that one can use it for! Take a little of the darkest shade on the tip of your index fingers and swipe just under your cheekbones for instant definition in the evening. (Don’t do this during the daytime, though – the colour will, not blended, stand out starkly.) And for some highlighting, brush the palest shade on your cheekbones. Brush a mid-shade (the one closest to your actual skin tone) along the bridge of your nose, and on your chin and the centre of your brow to soak up sweat and yet give you some shine. If you’ve smudged your lipstick and it’s bled outside the border, use that same shade to cover it up in a hurry. These little hacks is what the Maybelline Diamond Glow palette has been performing for me for years now.

Priyanka Ghura, Beauty Editor

beauty tricks

For me, a pot of Vaseline is one of the most important things to have in your beauty arsenal. Dab some on your lips to prevent chapping and add some shine, add a teeny bit on your teeth to prevent your bright lipstick from staining them, use as a highlighter along your brow and cheekbones for that dewy glow, use on your lashes as a non-clumpy mascara, or to tame your brows. Another one of my fave beauty go-tos is baby powder – apply it on the roots of your hair and brush it out to absorb greasiness and freshen up unwashed strands. You can also spritz your fave perfume on the bristles of your brush and comb through your locks to get them to smell amazing.

Sanjana Eipe, Marketing & Sales Director

beauty tricks

I swear by the primer. I actually don’t wear too much makeup, but there are days when you have to go for a client meeting or an event. I just tone my skin with rose water (another secret ingredient), moisturize, use sunscreen and then finish off with a primer. The primer, with its light-reflecting properties, gives your skin that dewy-fresh finished look, and you are good to go. The other beauty product I swear by is rose water. I use it to close my pores, wash my face, and sometimes when my skin is looking dull I just spray some rose water for some instant brightness. Just make sure that you buy good quality rose water!

Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle Writer

beauty tricks

When it comes to beauty products, I’m all about recycling. Take lipstick, for instance. Why should someone waste the remaining chunks of it when they can make something new out of it? Like a lip balm! All you need is a cute container, some petroleum jelly (Vaseline), and the remains of your old lipstick. Start by mixing the lipstick pieces and the petroleum jelly in a container. Place the container on the stove and turn up the heat. Once the mixture has melted, gently pour it into that cute container of yours and keep it in the fridge for about 30 minutes for it to cool down. Once that’s done, it’s ready to be taken out from the fridge and put to good use!

Snehal Fernandes, Social Media Manager

beauty tricks

I swear by my homemade lip scrub to keep my lips healthy and plump! I mix some freshly squeezed lime juice with sugar and use it as a scrub on my lips. After a good 30 seconds of scrubbing and exfoliating, I apply honey and keep it on for at least a minute, then wash it off with some warm water. Trust me, after using this homemade magic lip scrub, your lips will feel baby soft all the time!

Abhirup Dam, Writer & Copy Editor

beauty tricks

I have a killer remedy for pimples – cloves. Soak, grind, mix with sandalwood, and apply it on on a zit. Even though it burns and stings like hell, the bloody pimploid will burst overnight and won’t leave behind a mark. If there is one product that I totally swear by, it’s got to be the Fabindia Clove Gel Pack.

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06 May 2016

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